10 Online Marketplaces Selling Digital Products

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Want to sell your digital products?

It is now easier to start a digital products business online than it ever was. Once you have your idea there are many tools available to help with the creation of your digital products. Digital products can be software, eBooks, videos, templates, and so on. Finding the best online marketplace for your digital products is very important.

If you want to sell digital products online then you will need a way to collect payments for your products. You could create your own digital store and just use PayPal or another payment processor to collect your money. But using an established digital online marketplace can offer you more advantages.

You will need to have a number of things in place to sell digital products online:

  • A sales page on your website or on a digital online marketplace
  • A way for customers to pay you for your product (payment processor such as PayPal)
  • A download page where your customers can automatically access their digital products after making a purchase
  • Promotional tools to help you market your digital products

One of the most important factors when choosing a digital marketplace is whether it is right for your niche. For example, if you are selling guides on making money online then there are specific digital online marketplaces for this. People that visit these marketplaces are looking for products in that niche. So you need to find the best online marketplace for your niche.

So we are going to show you the 10 best online marketplaces to sell digital products online in this article. Some of these are free to list your products and some will charge a small fee. Some will pay you via PayPal and others will send checks so you need to think about what is best for you. OK let’s go.


If you have been involved in online marketing for any length of time then it is very likely that you will have heard of Clickbank. They sell a wide range of digital products in just about all niches and they have access to hundreds of thousands of affiliates that can sell your products for you.

So it doesn’t matter whether you have a digital product about making money online, losing weight, relationships, personal development, building a shed or reconditioning batteries you can sell it on Clickbank.

Because Clickbank has been around for many years a lot of people will trust it when making purchases. They offer several payment methods including PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards. You can choose when you want payment for the sales of your products weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Clickbank pays vendors by check or with a bank transfer.

One of the best things about Clickbank is that it offers buyers a full 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. There is a downside to this of course which is some people will purchase your product with the intention of obtaining a refund on it. They end up keeping your product and not paying for it.

When you use Clickbank to sell digital products online you will need your own website. This is for your sales letter, upsell offers and thank you / download pages. An upsell offer is something related to your main product and is part of your product funnel. This is optional and you do not have to have any upsells.

Clickbank will charge you a one-off fee of $49 to list your product on their digital online marketplace. You will then be able to list products in the same niche for free. They take a 7.5% commission for each sale as well.

If you want to recruit an army of affiliates to sell your products then Clickbank is the place to be. It is very easy to become a Clickbank affiliate and there are many of them. The problem is that the best affiliates tend to promote the best selling products. You set the commission payouts (e.g. 50%) and then Clickbank will take care of the payments to affiliates.

Clickbank will insist on reviewing and approving your product prior to accepting it. In all honesty, it is not that difficult to get approval and there are a lot of inferior quality products on Clickbank. It is still one of the best online marketplaces for selling digital products.


E-Junkie is another digital online marketplace that has been around for many years. You can sell a product in any niche on E-Junkie and there is an affiliate program that you can use as well. With E-Junkie you can also sell physical products as well.

The E-Junkie digital online marketplace works differently to Clickbank. Listing your products costs $5 a month (they will give you the first few weeks free) and they offer customers several ways to pay such as PayPal, credit cards, Google Checkout and so on.

You can list as many digital products as you want on E-Junkie and there is no limit to the number of transactions or the bandwidth that you use. You do not need your own website to sell digital products online with E-Junkie as you will upload all of your products to their servers for downloading by the customers.

E-Junkie vendors receive payments via PayPal which is instant and convenient although you will have to pay PayPal charges. The affiliate tools are a little “clunky” and you are responsible for the payment of your affiliates.

When you have uploaded your products you will receive a button code for each one and you can use this on your website to promote your products. Each time you make a sale you will receive a payment immediately via PayPal.

Is E-Junkie the best online marketplace? Well, it works well and it is a very popular digital online marketplace. It offers some good features and it is cheap to use. It doesn’t have the traffic or reputation of Clickbank but it is easier to set everything up.


If you just want to list your digital products on a digital online marketplace then you might want to consider Sellfy. The idea behind Sellfy is that you can create a store online for your digital products and then promote these products on social media or your own website.

There isn’t a marketplace with Sellfy like you get with Clickbank or E-Junkie. You can sell any product that you like in any niche. You upload your digital file to your Sellfy store (maximum individual file size is 2GB) and then you are ready to go.

Sellfy does not charge you a product listing fee. You can have a free or a Pro account. If you have a free account then you can list up to five items. Sellfy will charge a 5% fee on the sale of your products. For $15 a month you can have a Pro account. With this, you get unlimited listings, more payment options, better store customization, and the email marketing feature.

You can create subscription arrangements on Sellfy so that your customers pay you monthly etc. Sellfy is mobile device friendly and you can embed buy now buttons, widgets for products or even your whole Sellfy store. You can embed on your website or on a Facebook page. You can create discount codes and create upsells as well.

Sellfy does not have an affiliate program and is one of the best online marketplaces if you just want somewhere to list your products and offer different payment options. The marketing is down to you so if you are happy to sell digital products online in this way then it is a good choice.


It is possible to sell digital products online using Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace used and trusted by millions of people all around the world. If you want to sell eBooks, apps, games, software or music then you can list these on Amazon.

Many people have sold their eBooks on Amazon using the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing feature. You can learn more about this here. There are benefits to eBook creators for going exclusive with Amazon Kindle such as better commissions.

You can sell digital products in almost any niche on Amazon. Amazon will pay you for your product sales two months after the sale. There are different options for payment such as a check, Payoneer payments, and direct wire payments. Amazon takes a commission on all products sold and this varies depending on the product type and the sale price.

If you want lots of potential traffic to your digital products then nothing beats Amazon. They can offer your products in many different countries including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, many Western European countries, Australia, Japan and so on.


Most people have heard of eBay. It is the world’s most popular auction website where people sell their unwanted items. It is also a good place to sell digital products as well. You need to check out the latest rules on selling digital products on eBay as these have changed quite a bit over the years.

When you sell a digital product on eBay you have to tell them that it is a digital item so that the page is properly formatted and does not have shipping options. As a vendor, you will receive payments from eBay via PayPal.

Your digital goods listings must be set up as a classified ad. You also have to confirm with eBay that you own all of the rights to the digital content. There is a special section for information products in the category called “Everything Else”.

It is unlikely that you will make a fortune selling your digital products on eBay. Yes, the website gets a lot of traffic but most of this is from people looking for physical goods. We would not say that it is the best online marketplace for digital products but you can do reasonably well using it.


Now we are getting into niche-specific digital online marketplaces. The people that buy from Gumroad tend are usually looking for music clips, videos and film clips. It is best to use this marketplace if the digital products that you sell are in the entertainment niche.

Gumroad is very easy to use and it is easy for customers to make purchases as well. There are no charges for listing your digital products on the platform but they will take a 5% commission fee and charge you 25 cents for each transaction.

You will upload your digital files to Gumroad so you do not require a website. Setting up an account is easy and free and then you can upload your files and share unique product links on social media and elsewhere.

Gumroad can pay you via a bank transfer if you reside in the United States or Japan and they will also pay you via PayPal if you live elsewhere. Some of the biggest artists around use Gumroad including Eminem and Bon Jovi.

If you are selling music or entertainment digital products then Gumroad is probably the best online marketplace to do this. It is a popular website and it is very easy to set up your products there. They also have their own email system that lets you send emails to your customers which is great.


If you create video courses about any subject then there is no better digital online marketplace to sell your training than Udemy. It is one of the best online marketplaces for training courses and it has grown exponentially over the last few years.

Making consistent passive income is the dream of all online marketers. You can make money while you are sleeping or doing whatever you want. The Udemy platform offers you a great way to do this. Udemy has a student base of over 18 million and is the world’s biggest online marketplace for video courses.

If you can teach people to make money online, use popular software applications and so on then there is a readymade market on Udemy. If you promote your Udemy courses yourself then you will receive 97% of the revenue. If a student finds your training course organically on Udemy then you earn 50%.

Udemy will allow you to use coupon codes to discount your training. There are different payment methods available to course buyers including PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, Google Play, and Apple App Store. It is truly the best online marketplace for video training courses.

It is easy to upload your training videos to Udemy. They support many different file types such as MP4, AVI and WMV. Each video file can be as large as 1.5GB. You can upload a course promo video selling the benefits of your training. People that watch promos are 5 times more likely to purchase your training.


If your niche is the design of website templates for platforms like WordPress then Themeforest is the best online marketplace for you. Some of the top sellers on Themeforest generate more than a million dollars in revenue each year and the store management features of the platform are ideal to show off your design talents.

Themeforest is a very popular website and it gets a great deal of buyer traffic. It is certainly a competitive marketplace and there are more than 10,000 WordPress themes available for sale at the time of writing this article. WordPress themes are the most popular category on the platform and drive over 80% of total revenue.

The more that you sell on Themeforest the more benefits you receive from this digital online marketplace. Benefits include a 12 months subscription to their tuts+ program and your seller profile having Google Analytics so that you can see which of your marketing campaigns are converting the best.

You have complete freedom when it comes to pricing. If you want to price low to get a foothold in the market then you can do this. It is also possible to price your theme at the higher end and charge hundreds of dollars for it.

If you just choose to list your products without an exclusivity deal then you will earn 50% of the sales revenue. If you go exclusive, then the Envato (the company that owns Themeforest) fees are reduced. The more that you sell the lower their fee will be.

Vendors on Themeforest receive payments on the 15th of each month. There is a minimum threshold that you must meet for payment. You can choose payment via PayPal, Payoneer or a bank transfer using the SWIFT system.


Although it is possible to sell digital products related to virtually any niche using JVZoo the most popular product purchases are in the make money online and digital marketing niches. If you have digital products in these niches then JVZoo can be a better alternative to using Clickbank.

One of the major benefits of selling you’re your make money online products on JVZoo is that you are in control of your affiliates. You decide who can promote your products and who can’t. To become an affiliate for a JVZoo product you have to request permission from the vendor of that product.

When a customer purchases a product on JVZoo they have the option to save money by sharing the details of the product on Facebook with their friends. This is a great way to get more exposure to your products.

You can run dime sales on JVZoo which are popular with Internet Marketers. This means that after each purchase of your product the price will rise by a specified amount. This is good for getting people to take action quickly by not having to pay a higher price.

Most sellers make money via online products will have a sales funnel. This will include upsells and even downsells that you include in order to increase your revenue. Sales funnels are really easy to set up with JVZoo.

JVZoo offers customers a number of different payment options including PayPal and credit cards. When you make a sale you will receive an instant payout as the vendor. Your options for payment are PayPal, Stripe or

You can set up an unlimited amount of digital products on JVZoo at no charge. JVZoo takes a 5% commission on all sales. It is certainly up there as the best online marketplace for Internet Marketing digital products.


If you want to sell coded products such as plugins for WordPress, scripts that will perform specific functions and website products such as CSS, themes, and JavaScript then CodeCanyon is a good online marketplace for this. You can hire a freelancer to create these products for you.

At the time of writing, there are more than 27,000 plugins and scripts available on CodeCanyon. Envato who also own Themeforest owns CodeCanyon. CodeCanyon is different to ThemeForest as it is the place to go for people that are looking for code scripts to perform different functions. WordPress plugins are particularly popular on this website.

You can set your own price for the plugins and the scripts that you sell on CodeCanyon. The website follows the Envato author fee structure so you can either accept a 50% split on your product sales or become a Pro and qualify for increased commissions.

If selling code products is your thing then CodeCanyon is the best online marketplace to sell digital products online. It is a digital online marketplace dedicated to all things code. Some people are making a lot of money selling their products on Code Canyon.

Final Words

You now have a good overview of ten of the best online marketplaces for selling your digital products. If you are in a specific niche then use a digital online marketplace that has organic traffic interested in that niche. If you want to sell your products on multiple marketplaces then you may need a virtual assistant to help you manage all of this.

Think about your payment options too. Do you really want to wait 3 months to receive payment for sales you made this month? If you go with Amazon that is how it works. But Amazon does have a vast amount of traffic so decide which the best online marketplace is for you taking everything into consideration.

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