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fashion sneakers 277635 1551393970658 main.2400x1686uc
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I’ve lived in Los Angeles long enough to have observed that there are only three things people will wait in a really, really long line for. The list includes art exhibits that guarantee at least one epic Instagram opportunity, a new high-profile restaurant or dessert shop (hey, Milk Bar)—and sneakers. If you’re surprised by the last one, I highly recommend you research the alive and very much thriving sneakerhead culture; you’ll be hooked. 

And while I may not be participating in bidding wars, or spending my Saturday mornings on Fairfax itching to get my hands on the latest drop, I do consider myself a sneaker lover. My problem lies in my hesitation to wear sportier pairs outside of the gym or the farmer’s market; I just don’t know if I’m pulling them off. However, it just so happens that I work with some of the most fashionable women in the city (there may be some bias, but largely true), so I asked one of my co-workers, Anna LaPlaca, to share her sneaker styling tips.

She’s kind of a pro at mixing sportier pieces into her polished looks, and boy, did she not disappoint. I may not throw away my heels anytime soon, but they’re going to be relegated to the back of my closet after seeing these spring-perfect looks Anna styled with her new Adidas Ultraboost 19 sneakers. Don’t be surprised if you do the same.







My favorite spring trends are tie-dye, bucket hats, and any other motifs of surf/skate culture that constitute a very laid-back approach to dressing. I’m also really into all the hair clips and barrettes that remind me of being a kid in the ’90s.

My go-to sources for fashion inspiration are Instagram for obvious reasons, classic movies from the ’60s and ’70s, and fashion editorial spreads for more out-of-the-box styling ideas.

My favorite part about my Adidas Ultraboost 19 sneakers are the fun pops of color that make them stand out from all my other sneakers.

The best part about being a fashion editor is playing with clothes! I like to think I started playing dress-up early on in life and never really stopped.

I’m a sneaker lover because they allow me to breeze through my day über-confidently. Comfort = confidence, always.

My current favorite color is green. Neon had a moment, but I think the color will continue to feel fresh for a while with the emergence of softer sage and pistachio shades.

I never leave the house without sunglasses. I have a zillion pairs in my rotation.

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