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michelle obama post white house style 278054 1551479690493 main.1200x900uc

Free of the constraints of her weighty former role, it seems like Michelle Obama is having more fun with fashion than ever—and we’re more than happy to be along for the ride. Yes, she often still sticks to the tried-and-true silhouettes she wore during her eight-year stint as the first lady, including pantsuits, but she’s experimented with a wider range of looks in the last two years.

Overall, I’ve also noticed her shift from D.C.-approved structured sheath dresses to more flowy silhouettes, no doubt echoing her more laid-back lifestyle. And you can’t possibly ignore the look that set the internet on fire: Michelle Obama’s sparkly, thigh-high Balenciaga boots, which she teamed with an equally eye-catching bright yellow dress. It was the ultimate fashion statement and made us excited about what other surprises she might have up her sleeve.

In addition to trying out more daring trends, she’s also been testing out It brands she hadn’t worn before, including the extremely Instagram-friendly label By Far. Scroll down to see the trends Michelle Obama has been wearing in her post–White House days.


On Michelle Obama: Balenciaga dress and boots; Jennifer Fisher Baby Jamma Hoops ($550)





On Michelle Obama: Fe Noel Liz Tail Blouse ($398) and Light Rust Sheer Pants ($278)





On Michelle Obama: Sachin & Babi suit



On Michelle Obama: By Far Nikki Boots ($511)





On Michelle Obama: Givenchy S/S 19 military shirt, high-waisted pants, and leather buckle belt




On Michelle Obama: Safiyaa Greta Pinstripe Jacket ($1532) and Dankia High-Waisted Pinstripe Trousers ($891)



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