To be honest, I thought I had a fairly safe job, then one day, my boss calls me up, and says “its over” like the commercial you see on TV about this hand actor that lost his thumb due to a speeding car, and his boss tells him “it’s over!” which means “Your Fired!” now what, look for another job in the midst of a pandemic where every other person is losing their job jobs as well? I’m looking…

The last time I was out of work was several years ago, even then, it took 6 months, and 100+ applications and I consider myself fairly skilled with a decent resume, here we go again when times get tough, most companies will tighten up the cash belt, and before you know it, you are on the street fending for yourself.

At first, I thought it was me, and the reason I thought that was because my boss said I was a F$%^ up, so I was written up, and within one week, I was out of a job, however, I just recently found out that other managers were being fired, and other employees quit, and this is not a good sign since this tells me that the company is failing. They make excuses to get rid of employees while driving away other employees by the bad vibe, and hostile work environment of the company, IMO, prior to this job, I have never been written up once.

Now what? As of this writing, I am looking for employment, however, before I lost my job, I was thinking of other ways to replace my income so I did not have to worry about losing my job, which is ironic because I lost the income I wanted to replace.

I do not expect to make a lot of money on this particular blog, however, Digital Global Blog is really easy to remember if you wanted to make a purchase through one of my eCommerce sites that I will be setting up in the future; In fact, As I am working on this blog, I am also working on my first eCommerce site.

No matter what type of eCommerce site that I set up, and if you should ever forget the name or the URL of any of my eCommerce sites, then all you would need to remember is DigitalGlobal.com. Our domain is very easy to remember, and this blog will mention the eCommerce sites as they become available.

Digital Global Blog will be used as an all-purpose blog, and one of my monetization ideas is to allow guest posting. If you would like to submit a paid guest post on this blog, then please follow the link, and you will be directed to the right place. Guest Posting rates will be lower for this blog compared to our niche blogs.

If you ever want to set up an eCommerce site, then avoid WordPress! Even though you have more control, well, WP and 30+ plugins require constant updates, and constant round the clock backups. Even a bad plugin update can cause your site to malfunction, and all you will be doing is worrying if the next update will cause your site to go down, and with so many WP things to worry about, then nothing is really all that safe and secure, because your site could go down anytime.

As of 3/19/2021, I am still working to set up Digital Global Blog, and I am fairly close to completing my first eCommerce site, however, since I am still unemployed, then I may wait until I am able to find work before the eCom site goes live.

If you ever wonder what I am promoting, then just visit Digital Global Shop, as my eCommerce sites go live, then I will set up products in the shop; Since I will not be selling products directly on this site, then the shop links will be external, and will simply take you to the correct eCommerce site which is where you will find the product that is being sold, as mentioned earlier; if you can remember digitalglobal.com, then you will be able to find and visit all of the eCommerce sites that I have set up, also feel free to support me by making a purchase. 🙂

If you see no products in Digital Global Shop, then this simply means that I have not set up any eCommerce sites as of yet, and I hope to be working on them. I have a feeling this blog will be completed long before I get any actual shops online.

Sorry guys, I am doing the best I can with what little resources I have….

God Bless…

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