Promote Your Affiliate & CPA Offers!


Promote Your Affiliate & CPA Products!

Do you run your own Affiliate/CPA network or Offer? Are you looking for a site so that you can promote your high-converting CPA Offers? You have come to the right place!

We strongly feel that DigitalGlobal℠ will become a traffic hot-spot for obvious reasons, such as those that may be interested in promoting their Affiliate based offers, others simply may be interested in buying Affiliate/CPA based products.

If we accept your Affiliate/CPA offer, then we will write an 800-1000 word article about your Affiliate/CPA offer, then we will post on our blog, and promote, FREE!!!

Did you say free? What’s the catch?

The purpose of Digital Global℠ is to provide high-quality content for our readers and visitors, in doing so, we will insert our affiliate links into the blog post that we will write on your behalf! You will not find CPA ads on our site, thus, no fraud!!!

By doing what I have just mentioned above will serve to monetize our blog, and by doing so, we will earn a commission if a visitor decides to take action on your CPA offer.

Clickbank, WarriorJV & JVZoo

Are you a product owner that is looking to promote your affiliate product? We have no problem with that; We like making money just like any other affiliate. Since we will write about your product, then the platform that you use does not matter.

How do I get my Affiliate or CPA product on your blog?

Your first step would be to contact us using your official product email, along with any relevant information pertaining to your product ie: charts, graphs, conversation rates, Affiliate signup process, etc…We will review your product, and if we accept it, then we will start the signup process. Once we have completed the signup and approval process, then we will start blogging about your Affiliate or CPA product.

Do you accept all niches on your blog?

No! We do not allow Adult/Gaming/Gambling, and a number of other niches that may be questionable, and if not, then illegal for sure! Our goal is to post clean CPA offers…

What is the min Affiliate/CPA Offer?

We require $50+ on Affiliate offers and $100+ on CPA offers, since we are doing most of the work, signing up as an affiliate, writing the content, and promoting, we think that is fair!

What is is currently a blogging platform! our blog is not fancy; You will not find any ads or shiny objects that distract your attention, however, as this blog grows into the future, then we may redesign the blog.

a Blog? Is this not guest posting?

Yes, however, we will be specifically writing about your product or offer on our blog, and once a visitor completes the desired action, then we get paid!

Will my Affiliate/CPA post rank!

Absolutely! Higher than most other blogs…

This is what you may find on a typical blogging site; Let’s Take siteA for example, they have DA:75+, they have 7,000 indexed pages, however, they only have 200+ ranking keywords, and almost no traffic to mention. If you send them your guest post, then your article will sit alongside 6,999 other articles that are not ranking for anything.

Now let’s say Digital Global℠ is site B! Our domain authority may not be as high, however, right now, that does not matter because we focus on promoting our blog content and that means that we can rank for more keywords! Since this is a money-making site, then our ultimate goal is to rank your Affiliate/CPA Blog post, in return, you get traffic to your offer, thus making money for all parties involved.

DigitalGlobal℠ has an incentive for ranking certain posts! The higher our blog content ranks, then the more money we make, so we will ensure that your product page ranks! New sites and pages generally take longer, however, we are not concerned one bit.

What are my perks?

  • Free product review
  • Free promotion
  • what else do you want, ROFL…


If you have an affiliate or CPA product that has decent conversions, then contact us so that we can review your product to see if it will be a good fit for our blog. We will write a solid blog post or review of your product, then we will start promoting; Before you know it, we will be sending traffic and everyone will be happy.

Since it is free, then what do you have to lose?

Keep in mind that we provide Honest, Legit, and Trustworthy reviews! and if we select your product for review, then you must send all material. We only review digital products and services that we feel will benefit our visitors most. There is no worse feeling than buying a shiny new object just to find out that it was not described as advertised, and you know what I am talking about.


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