BeatsX Sacai Special Edition Earphones 01
BeatsX Sacai Special Edition Earphones 01

Express yourself with the BeatsX sacai Special Edition Earphones. Featuring sacai’s bold colors, these in-ear headphones come with a palette of beads that you can use to personalize them. Likewise, the BeatsX Sacai Special Edition Earphones come in three colors including Burned Red, True White, and Deep Black. The earphones also come with a custom carrying case with matching colored zipper teeth and sacai’s logo. Sleek and comfortable, the earphones provide a snug fit in your ears. Moreover, the Flex-Form cable, eartip options, and secure-fit wingtips offer a flexible and stable fit. The earphones also effortlessly hang around your neck when not in use. Thanks to their magnetic design, they easily coil up without tangling. With up to eight hours of battery life, the BeatsX Sacai earphones allow you to enjoy music on the go.

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BeatsX Sacai Special Edition Earphones

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