Best Freelancing Jobs For Beginners


Best Freelancing Jobs…

A number of savvy people are interested in learning and taking on some of the best freelancing jobs for beginners. Most people know we can actually earn good money at home but just don’t know exactly how or where.

Well, that problem is now solved!

For people that are looking at quick and lucrative freelancing jobs, I got you covered. You can do a variety of jobs by looking over different positions and/or opportunities below that can give you peace of mind, make money from your home and even a degree of satisfaction and enjoyment.

I also want to suggest that you take the opportunity to do some basic skill assessment so that at least you have an idea of the kind of work that you might enjoy doing and/or have proficiency with.

For example, if you like to write, then there are numerous entry-level freelancer writing jobs that you should be able to find fairly quickly.

Remember that there is competition for these positions; yet if you continue to apply, you will find the right freelancing job for you. There are a variety of different types of opportunities so there’s bound to be something that will be of interest:


Regardless of the job that you are looking for as a beginner, is one of the best places to get started. The key is to find a variety of different jobs that you would enjoy doing. You should first research some of the top jobs that are being offered based on your own personal skill set.

For example, if you are a writer, look for different writing jobs that are being offered especially for entry-level positions.

Fiverr: is perhaps one of the best places for newcomers to showcase any and all skills they have. A large number of beginners are actually crushing it by selling products and or services starting at 5 bucks, and if you focus on selling high-quality products, then you will earn that much more.

If you have any skill that someone else could or will appreciate, then you can make a steady stream of money and it doesn’t stop at five bucks a pop.

Many professionals use Fiverr to showcase their skills and they go on to make additional money by specializing and adding additional services related to the primary offering.

For example, Joe does e-book covers for $5. These are basic e-book covers and for $10 he will do a rush job and deliver it within 72 hours. For $15 you will design a multilayered cover and for $20 you will design a multilayered cover within 72 hours.

As you can see the money can add up very quickly, and many freelancers that initially offer five dollars for a product or service that they deliver have additional add-ons and bonuses for a few dollars more. As the service specializes for price tag increases.

You can sell almost anything on Fiverr too – from crafts to drawings, ebooks, blogging, writing, computer skills, HTML and website creation, singing, jingles, video testimonials, social media marketing, the list is extensive and exhaustive. Give this a try as a beginner and you may not need to go anywhere else as a freelancer.

Hubstaff Talent :

Hub Staff Talent is a free website for business owners, agencies, and freelancers. Each can create a profile and post opportunities, look for work, and or create tams for job opportunities.

It is a great place for new freelancers because there are thousands of jobs available. All you have to do is create a profile (free) add your skills and the businesses find you. Once you accept a job the employer pays you for your work.

If you are looking for freelancers this is also a good place to start as many new freelancers are affordable and readily available.

Freelance Writing Gigs:

As one of the premier writing freelancer sites, Freelance Writing Gigs offers a place for new writers to grow and hone their skills. A team of highly skilled writers from around the world supports the site specifically done to help others grow their writing skills.

Regardless of your skill level, you can finally earn good money and continue to learn and grow as a professional writer.

Freelance My Way:

Although this site is a bit lower volume than many of the other freelance websites, you have a much better opportunity at landing a variety of different jobs depending on what you include in your portfolio.

As a new freelancer, setting up a profile is quick and easy and is also free. I’ve spoken with individuals who told me that this particular site has been very responsive because everyone else signs up to the larger sites but overlook the hundreds of jobs that are posted daily here.

The other reason I included the site is that there are a variety of different available opportunities so it’s a good idea to check out the jobs first before you create a unique profile here as a new freelancer.


Of particular interest, are web and app development but you can also find work under graphic design, logo design, illustration, search engine optimization, and even mobile development. is a great site for people that have any type of computer skills especially if you have knowledge of programming. As an entry-level freelancer, this is also a great place to build up your portfolio.

If you’re a talented individual with any of the above skills or simply are looking to build websites or help with HTML, this is a great place to get started as a new freelancer.


goLance is one of the newest platforms for freelancers that is gaining prominence and attention worldwide.

Getting your profile on this site could potentially mean early retirement and ongoing work because the founder, Michael Brooks has an amazing vision for his platform, as being one of the safest, best and most recommended sites due to the quality of its freelancers.

The good news is that as a foundational site, it’s actually quite easy to become a freelancer because most of the marketing and promotional videos are about people becoming high-quality freelancers, and freelancers should be providing the best, not the least they can get away with.

In addition, many of the jobs that are posted are heavily screened and require existing businesses to guarantee certain aspects of deliverability when it comes to paying freelancers.

The platform charges a 10% fee for all completed projects but considering they devote most of their time to the promotion of you, as a freelancer, you are more likely to land jobs when you are on this system.

Work Market

Work Market is an interesting concept of providing top marketers to complete and compete on a mass scale and provide effective work for larger scale companies.

The concept is that there is a working cloud of highly skilled marketers that can all participate and assist with a variety of different projects.

A majority of the work includes marketing, sales, communications and a variety of other business development services.

This could be a perfect entry-level job for the budding Internet marketer and a great place to build a portfolio as well as have consistent work.

Typically you will be part of the team that will work on different projects together and each unique person becomes part of the team of a larger project. It is also possible to land single jobs that are structured and this will allow you to become eventually the project leader.

Here is another great place for marketers to not only gain experience but have an opportunity to grow their portfolio. As a new freelancer, working for a large-scale operation like, you can find a massive selection of jobs including social media management, SEO, design concepts with marketing, writing, content marketing, leads management, and just about any other type of Internet-based marketing that digital nomads are known for!

Since a majority of people that are reading this post are marketers, and they’re looking to become freelancers, then this is a fabulous place to get started so strongly consider joining the site. Platform fees are 10% but are paid by the job seeker.

There also appears to be endless job opportunities at this site for the would-be marketer and a great place to gain experience as well as some additional portfolio bonuses as well.


This is a unique concept for freelance sites because you can directly apply for the job without the need to sign up. On the main landing page are a variety of jobs that are listed and you can directly apply to them.

This is much like the typical job board that you have come to expect if you’re looking for regular employment but the concept has been utilized for new freelancers to land jobs quickly without the necessity of all the extra hassle.

I’ve added this site because it’s possible for you to pick up the occasional job here even if you’re a new freelancer. Most of the jobs are technical in nature.


Here is a platform that was designed for people in Europe and the Middle East and is an effective place to locate jobs in these areas.

While the majority are freelance jobs; The website is designed as a place for freelancers, and you can also find off-line work as well.

I have included this location because there are many people that are looking for work in Europe and there are a variety of good paying jobs that are entry-level that are often posted here.


If you can speak more than one language, congratulations! You just found the perfect site for translation work and even though the site says proz, you really don’t need to be a pro-except with the language that you speak.

The site is not just a freelancer site but they provide a variety of tools and opportunities (money, jobs online, even offline jobs) that allow individuals and companies to take advantage of the growing need for translation services.

Networking opportunities exist and if you are entrepreneurial minded, there are many ways that you can start as a new freelancer and even begin a translation business.

This is a great opportunity for someone that is bilingual and or can provide these services to other businesses and clients.

There are a variety of jobs and benefits that you can also ascertain what you are certified as a professional translator. If you’re looking for something unique and out-of-the-box this may be the right opportunity for you.


This is another great freelancing site that is relatively new but is also gaining prominence. Because it is low volume, and they are very hungry for new freelancers to sign up.

There are opportunities for design and multimedia, web development, mobile applications, writing and content, administrative support, customer service, sales and marketing, and business services.

A savvy new freelancer could easily find and sustain work in a variety of different places on the platform. It is completely free for freelancers as well.

Freelancers should take advantage of one or several of these platforms because employers are always looking for new talent; Not only can you be a digital nomad but eventually you may find just the right opportunity and land a high-paying lucrative job off-line if that is your desire.

Specialization and continued growth of your portfolio should also be your goal as a new freelancer and many of the platforms above have the opportunity you are looking for.

Don’t just take any job, and consider the kind of freelancer that you want to become. Over time, you can build yourself into a powerful, knowledgeable and well paid, and that’s why we created this list of the best freelancing jobs for beginners.

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