Best Mindfulness Techniques You Should Follow!

Best Mindfulness Techniques You Should Follow!

Mindfulness for beginners

Mindfulness is something that has been around for thousands of years already. However, it’s like a newfound craze for some people in this modern era. With its promise to help you sharpen the concentration, improve your mood, reduce some stress it also improves your immune system. It is known to fight obesity of people from all around the world. However, mindfulness is not something that you can easily achieve, it is not something instantaneous. It needs time and practice, and this leaves beginners the question as to whether they are doing it right or not.

True enough, mindfulness is something created in order to ground us to the present. However, people are confused, as to how it feels and how it exactly occurs. This is why it would be great to know more about how mindfulness really works.

Things mindfulness gets mistaken for

#1: Vacant mind

One thing that you should know is when you are being mindful, it does not mean that your mind is vacant. No, mindfulness is not about a vacant state of mind. You think, you notice and then you concentrate. Instead of asking your mind to clear your thoughts of everything, it is actually asking your mind to focus on one particular aspect of life.

#2: Not deep concentration

A lot of people see mindfulness as a state of going into deep concentration but that should not be the case. True enough, it is so easy to go from mindfulness into the path of this deep concentration when you are trying to be mindful but that feeling is better described as the concept of flow.

#3: No joy

Yes, you can be happy and feel happy while you are trying to be mindful but it does not mean that mindfulness is about being happy. It does not mean that they overlap.

#4: No peace

A lot of people think of mindfulness as an oasis that will calm you and just melt all of your problems away but that is not the case. After all, relaxing would mean some positivity and mindfulness is something that will really take you a lot of work to get to.

Benefits of mindfulness

After knowing what mindfulness is not about, the next thing you might want to focus on would be what mindful can actually bring to you in the long run. With this said, it would be great if you know the benefits of it so that you can be more inspired to actually do it right. Here are some things that you ought to get from being mindful.

Improves well being

Mindfulness increases your overall capacity on being able to live a satisfied life as well as a lot of your attitude. It is the act of mindfulness that allows you to savor life as it is and become truly engaged in the things that you do as well as gives you a great capacity to be able to deal with a lot of adverse events.

Improves physical health

If you want a good incentive, then this might be the best one that you will be getting as mindfulness is known to help you improve your physical health in a lot of different ways. As proven by tons of study before, it helps out in lowering your blood pressure, relieving your stress, treating your heart disease, reducing chronic pain and even improving your sleep which is something you might should check out on at the very least.

Improves mental health

Another thing that you ought to know is that it helps in improving your mental health because it is known to help in a lot of things such as depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, conflicts, anxiety, and a whole lot more. Thus, you are bound to be much better by being mindful.

Steps on practicing how to be mindful

Steps on practicing how to be mindful

You’ve learned what mindfulness is and why you should be practicing it. Now that you have an idea on what it is about and its importance, it should just be the right time to know how you would be able to practice it. What are the things you can do or the things you can follow in order to start being mindful of the things around you? How can you start being mindful by incorporating it to your daily life? Well, here are some steps you can try in order to jump start your mindfulness training.

One thing at a time

You are not supposed to multi-task things because in order to become mindful, you have to put your heart and soul in everything you do. You should be aiming for the best, for somethings that will make you stand out from the rest .Paying only half of your attention to the work at hand will only lessen the quality of your work. So do one thing at a time and give all your focus and attention to the job at hand. Do your best in each of the task you do so you would not have to repeat it over again.

Putting space in between

Try not to schedule your tasks to close and leave some time in between your work. This way, it would be easier to adjust if some emergency happens or you get too tired from work. It can be a time for resting before your next schedule but it is also a way of preparing for the next task at hand.  It also relieves stress for you because you would not have to rush to the next schedule. So do not work yourself too hard and try putting some spaces in between your schedule.

Do less

The problem with tasks is that when you pile them up, they end up being a mess that you have a harder problem to deal with. So do less so that you are able to finish them all in a proper way. Stop being in a rush, let things fall in the right way. In reality, this is just a matter of prioritizing and deciding which tasks are really urgent and important and which are the ones you can still do alter on if you have the time.

5 minutes a day 

Take at least 5 minutes off each day and just rest during that time. You can also do this so you can exercise focusing on things. For example, focus on the way your watch ticks and just stare at it for 5 minutes. Or just sit back, relax and close your tired eyes for a bit. Just do something that would not stress you. It may not look much but in the long run, these 5 minutes a day will eventually pay off.

Stop worrying

Admit it; everyone has been worried at some point of their lives. It may be for a thousand of different reasons like when you think about the probability of your boss giving you that raise in salary or if you will pass that entrance exam for the college you’ve applied in. At a point, you were subjected to think, doubt and rethink again on what you can do to make things better. But the big question is: Were you even a bit happy during those anxious times? The answer is a big no. And that is the first big change you should make in order to be a happier person. Just let all the worries go. It may seem hard at first; you need to believe that eventually, everything will fall into place. Try to live a life that is stress-free. In order to do this, you need to find things that make you happy, things that you are very passionate about. Do that now. Remove your worries and just go with the flow of life. Do not worry about things that have not happened yet and focus on the now instead. Release your mind and your soul and just have fun.

Be present in conversations

When you are talking to someone, it is very important to be mindful of them, especially of what they are thinking and what they are feeling. You need to focus on them in order to identify these things properly and interpret them the right way. This is why you must take part in conversations and actually be present in them. You need to not just make it seem that you are interested and that you care but actually be interested and actually care. You have to pick the right words to say and you can only do that by actually listening to what the person talking to you is saying. So you better pay attention.

Savour food

Mindfulness can also be practiced by what is called mindful eating. It is mainly composed of savouring your food. Do not rush on eating, try to taste the different flavour your dishes might offer your taste buds. Let them take you to places you have never been to just yet. Enjoy the meal you eat every single time.

Live in the moment

It may be hard to do but you have to learn to live in the moment. Let the past take care of itself and forget about the things that are yet to happen. Just take the present for what it is and actually have fun living in it. Do the things you want to do today regardless of how it is related to your past or future.

Accept your weak points

In order to be more mindful of other people, it would be good to know what your weak points are and actually accept them. You just have to remember that nobody is perfect and there is no reason for you to be insecure of them. You need to embrace them and keep in mind that these imperfections are what make you the person you are right now.

Let your mind wander

You have to let your mind have some time of its own and let it explore the world before it. When you do, you think of thoughts you have not thought of before and it helps you to look at the world differently, to see people in a different light. In a way, it helps you make non-bias decisions and it can also help you to stop being judgemental and such. So why not practice letting your mind wander today? All you need to do is just let your mind take you where it wants to.

Reverse the order of things

This should be fun especially if you are the type of person that is very uptight. Forget about your schedule for the day and try doing things in reverse. For example, if you tend to eat before taking a shower, how about doing the opposite? Just mix things up so that you would have some refreshment in your life. Or arrange the stacks of books alphabetically but in the reverse order, from Z to A. There are many fun ways to reverse the order of things. It will help you focus and find room to forget the worries and just think about what you are doing.

Write with the opposite hand

It would be challenging at first but being ambidextrous can be practiced. For a day or a week, try doing things with your weak hand. If you are right handed, why not try writing with your left hand first and then move on to things that might be a bit more advanced like holding your spoon and fork on the opposite hands. Just remember to be more cautious and careful when you are trying this out so that you do not hurt yourself in the process.

Change your routine

Stop your habits! Give it a break and try something new today, take a different route, talk to a different person and just change your daily routine. Make it more exciting. Order that coffee you’ve been avoiding all week or that donut that you think might give you extra calories. Run that mile you thought you could not and prove to people that you can do things when you’ve put your mind into it. Do things that might mess up with your routine but would definitely make you happy.

Stop and smile

When things get so hard for you at work, just stop everything you are doing and smile for a while. It may not seem that helpful but when you smile, your brain secretes hormones that eventually makes you feel happy. So remember to just smile no matter what you may be going through because not only will it cause people who look at you to smile as well but you are also helping yourself to become happier.

Pick simple objects

In order to become more mindful, just take it easy and start small. Pick up simple objects to concentrate on and just stare at it for 5 minutes or so. Then think of all the things that may be happening to the object right now if you have not picked it up and the other millions of possibilities that could happen to it once you dropped it down. Be aware of the universe and the way it works. Think about yourself, a dot to the millions of stars in the universe but a dot that can someday make a difference in the world that you are living in.

Sit often

When you sit, your mind becomes more susceptible to observations and thinking, so try to sit down more often and let your senses become aware of your surroundings. This is also one way to be mindful of your environment, to be able to sit anywhere and focus your mind on what you want to focus on.

Be patient

It may take a bit of your time to focus and practice especially when you are just starting to be mindful. But do not fear, you will eventually get there as long as you put your very best into it. Be patient and know that good things come to those who know how to handle themselves in tough situations.

Have fun

Do not be so serious! Enjoy what you are doing and be passionate about it. That way, you would not even notice time flying by. You ought to have fun in these activities so that you will be able to be happy while being mindful at the same time. Relax and just do your very best. It will all work out fine in the end so do not worry too much and just go with the flow.

Do not accept excuses

When you find yourself telling yourself that you are just not meant to be mindful, stop yourself. Do not accept any excuses that you are bound to tell yourself to stop you from being mindful. It is not acceptable because you can actually be mindful if you just keep on practicing. You are bound to eventually get better so just be on your toes and keep your best foot forward.

Meditation art

Meditation is the art of just doing nothing, letting all the things in your mind go and just being relaxed and tune into your true nature when it comes down to it. Having a meditative mind means to try and achieve love, joy as well as peace. Basically, meditation is something that gives you a deep rest. The rest when it comes to meditation is a little deeper than just your average deep sleep. It is when your mind becomes actually free from all of the agitation that it feels and when it is calm as well as serene that the actual meditation happens.

Benefits of meditation

There are a lot of things that meditation can bring to you. It can really help you out a lot in life and with this said, here are some of the benefits of meditation that you might just be interested in. By knowing this, you might be able to figure out a reason to why you should definitely meditate above everything else there is.

Reduce stress

Stress is probably one of the biggest problems that people have nowadays. Stressors are all around you and this is why you must find a way to reduce the stress that they bring. The good news is that meditation is known to be able to reduce stress, both in the physical and the mental level. This is why it is a good thing to try because stress can disrupt your sleep, can promote anxiety in you, increase your blood pressure and can cloud your thinking process as well.

Controls anxiety

It is said that mindfulness meditation is known to help people to control their anxiety. May it be phobias, social anxiety, OC behavior, panic attacks or paranoid thoughts. It is pretty much one of the reasons why it is surely going to be able to just make the most out of things at the same time as well. It would be great to consider how things are going to help you out and this is surely one thing to take note of.

Increases attention Span

You might also want to know that practicing meditation is going to help you ought to increase your span of attention. It helps to increase its strength too. It is concluded that it helps in reversing the pattern in your brain which contributes to worrying, to having poor attention as well as mind-wandering. It is a good thing to see through and just check out on when it comes down to it as well. It would be great if you can consider things as to how they are too.

Best time to meditate

It is known that meditation can actually be done any time that you want to. This is one of the reasons why meditation is really something that is very convenient to people. But if you are trying to find the best time to meditate, it is said that the auspicious times to do so would be between 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. It is said that this is when the angle between the earth as well as the sun is around 60 degrees. Being in a known meditative sitting position is known to help you achieve some balance at the same time.

Does meditation work

A lot of people had been asking as to whether meditation works or not. There are a lot of studies that shows about its different benefits to the body and still there are people who says they achieved nothing by doing it. The thing is that meditation does work, it just depends if you are doing it right or not. This is why it is pretty important to learn more about it and how you should do it so that you get the most out of it at the same time.

10 minute meditation

Real meditation is where you start being more aware of how you process your thoughts instead of just being caught up in it. This is why it is necessary that you do your best to understand more about it. Now, if you want to try out a 10-minute mindful meditation, it is not really as hard as you think it is. Here are some ways in which you can do it.


Settle down on your seat and then feel the bottom of it and let your feet touch the floor. Your eyes can be closed or it can be opened but make sure to tilt your head down slightly. The tilt of your head is something that would convey humbleness. Make sure your torso is going to be erect, not stiff but just straight. Relax your shoulders and put your hands on your ties and make sure your upper arms are in a parallel position up to your torso.


Now, the next thing to do is to anchor your attention to your breathing. There are a lot of sensations that you can use for it but breathing is probably the most convenient of all. You do not just concern yourself with adjusting it. You just take three breathes of your normal breathing then just try to be more aware of how it comes in and goes out. Feel yourself and connect to your breathing process. Just feel how it flows inside you and back out. You can pay attention to your belly rising or not. Pay attention to your nostrils or basically to the whole process of your breathing.


There are a lot of thoughts that will come to your mind when it comes to the times when you are not doing anything at all. These emotions and abstract thoughts remember that is all they are, they are just thoughts so you might want to make sure you try and practice it mindfully and just go back there and make the most of it. Let the breathe bounce back and forth and rid of those thoughts lingering on your mind as well.

Spiritual meditation

Spiritual meditation is known as the practice of being able to connect to something that is way bigger than yourself. It is something profound, vast and just basically something you cannot reach. However, by allowing yourself to connect to this greater thing, you are going to be much more honest in your reflections as you meditate. Here are some tips for you when you want to try this out.

Let your grudges go

Forgiveness might be the hardest part but it is surely something that would be great to just try out. You see, when you forgive people and let things go, it is much easier to be at peace. This is why when you actually meditate, it is going to help you learn to appreciate the people who loves you even more. Just think of it this way: these grudges are not going to help you one bit. The sooner you forgive, the sooner you free yourself of the emotional burden.

Focus towards others

The real focus of spiritual meditation is to be able to share it with others. However, you cannot do this if you have a hard time by yourself. This is why it is important that you make sure you are going to just accept yourself for who you are and just love the things that will make you better.

Be open

Letting go is something that is pretty important when it comes to meditation and so let yourself be open. Open yourself up to the things around you at the same time. It is necessary that you are able to properly do things the way you want them to as well. You see, it would be great to understand that opening yourself up to the things that may change along the way is going to be great.

Healing meditation

Meditation has been used for self-healing for a long time now. It is because when you are meditating, you are able to self-reflect. Self-healing comes in a lot of forms and this is one of the things that you might want to consider. One of the most important types of healing is healing your mind and your soul. The fact is that meditation helps in dealing with a lot of things such as anger, depression, anxiety, stress, and a whole lot more. You are going to be able to just make things easier for you if you try meditation out. The thing is that you also get to be able to just do things for your own, let go of the baggage that you carry and ease your burdens. Doing this can help soothe yourself and this is going to play a large part when it comes to healing yourself so you might want to keep that in mind.

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