[ SCAM ] ActMoney.win : Legit or Scam?


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ActMoney.Win is another scam site, and you guys can thank @Heatman for starting this, if you review the site closely, then you will quickly find out that this site is the same one that heatman reported in another thread, and the scam is pretty simple, all these scammers are doing is using the same template on multiple domains, and so far, I have ran into quite of few of them, and if the template looks the same, then most likely the scam is from the same scammer, it could be one person or a ring of scammers. Good for us, and bad for them, lets review all scammers.

If you find similar scam sites, then please create your own thread.


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Thanks for the compliment @DGStaff, I was merely looking for ways to add to the site and improve our organic traffic generation and it seems to be working perfectly fine for now. Other just need to follow suit in such manner and we are going to have multiplied efforts in getting more organic traffic to the forum. Looking at the page of this site, it appears just like the same way awumoney.win looks in everything including the images used on designing the page. For those looking for ways to earn money online, please don't bother wasting your time on such site because it's a scam site.