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DG Gold Member:

Regular Member Benefits
Established Member Benefits
+ DG Gold Member Perks:
  • Live DG Chat
  • Private Group Discussion w/ DG
  • Latest DGs eBook before it hits Amazon.
  • Your well-written article on DG Blog - free! (1 per month)
  • Unlimited Resource Submissions. (Resource Guidelines)
  • 1 Stickie thread for one-year. (if slots are available)
  • Earn DG Credits/Coins, YES!
  • Earn $6.00 per referral.
  • Gallery - 200mb storage space.
  • Gallery - Create your own albums.
  • Gallery - Upload audio, YES!
  • Gallery - Upload Video, YES!
  • Add Your Own Profile Cover.
  • Use BB codes in profile posts.
  • Create Social Groups!!! (append)
  • Forum Signature, YES!
  • Can Change Own Email, YES!
  • * Upload attachments, YES!
  • User reactions
  • User Improvements
  • * Create Private Thread w/ invite option. (obsolete)
  • * Lowest pre-launch marketplace fee: 5%
We have saved some of the best options for our Gold Members for last.

Social Groups: Do you want the ability to create/setup your own social groups? Gold members will be able to do just that. You will be able to do so, keep in mind that social groups is different from the current node structure; As a gold member, you will be able to create social groups, create social group discussion area, create group album with photo comments enabled, and you will also have the ability to create group event calendar, and you will also have the option on adding or removing group moderators for your group. Socials groups can be open to the public, private or invite only. You will also have the ability to transfer your group to another member if you so desire. Sign up for Gold NOW!!!

Append: We have given this a little more thought, and we think it would be best if our social group addon would be great for all to enjoy, so it does not matter if you are regular, established or gold, we are adding social groups so that everyone can enjoy, then maybe come back for more. :)

User Reactions: This is another cool addon that will be reserved for our gold members. These reaction types go up and beyond the normal smiles reactions that you may find in the normal text editor. If you would like to see a demo, then just follow me around the forum and be on the lookout for cool looking reactions that we are sure you will like. If you run across any cool reactions that you think would be useful for our gold members, then please feel free to make your suggestion in the appropriate area, as we can import additional reactions in order to improve the quality of our forum, and I do not think anyone would have any objections on not improving the forum, as we want to make it better for everyone to use. Please also share your comments on reactions as your comments are always taken into consideration also.

User Improvements: You will get more connected accounts to Amazon,, DevianArt, Discord, Dropbox, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and twitch. Gold members will also have options to change their username every 3 months if members desire to change their username, keep in mind, others will be able to see your changelog, why? maybe a fraudster wants to do some bad, then quickly change their name or such, this is why we feel that allowing users to change their username every 3 months would be acceptable, and your changelog will be available for all to see so they can keep up with you, and not have to guess that you swapped usernames and not know anything about your changes.Gold members will also be able to add color to their username, and there are roughly 27 colors to choose from, cool, huh? Gold members will also have the option to self-deactivate their account, and will have 90 days if they should wish to change their mind, and reactivate their account, keep in mind, this option does not allow members to delete their account, or remove all of their posts, so if you wish to self-deactivate your account, and we can not think of any reason why you would, then you are free to do so, but your account and posts will remain as they are. I would also like to mention that user improvements have more trophy privileges, and privacy settings, which I will not go into at this time, however, if you have suggestions on adding/improving the trophy system, then feel free to leave your comments in the suggestion area.

@DigitalGlobal is a master eBook writer that writes on various "money making" topics, and uses various pen names, however, the next eBook will be released using his real name; Having Gold Member status does not entitle Gold Members any type of coaching or writing tips, however, you will be able to kick some tips around with @DigitalGlobal on upcoming ebooks. @DigitalGlobal is not a "for hire" writer, so please do not make these type of requests, why? His five-figure domain and six-figure+ income says he does not have too. @DigitalGlobal will participate in Private Gold Member thread when time permits, and this is your chance to share your ideas, forum improvements, what more can be added for Gold Members, and so on. In other words, just relax, and enjoy your gold member perks. Are you waiting for the world to come to an end? Go Gold, or go home!

* We will allow DG Gold members to upload attachments, regular, and established members do not have this option. Keep in mind, if we get complaints or reports of a virus in your attachments, then your "attachment" privileges will be revoked, and or your account banned. It is the sole responsibility of our Gold Member that they know what they are uploading for others to download; our goal is to keep members safe from harm.

* DG Gold members will have the ability to create their own private thread, and will also have the ability to invite others to their private thread, keep in mind, for trust & safety reasons, admin, and mods will be able to view privately created threads, and we reserve the right to close your private thread if we feel that you are doing something that you not supposed to be going such as immoral or illegal activities. We also advise if you do not have any legit reasons for creating a private thread, then do not create one, as you are not obligated to create private threads. This option has become obsolete since the social group addon allows members to set up private groups, so please keep this in mind.

* As a gold member, you will receive the lowest possible pre-launch freelancer marketplace fee we can offer, however, this fee could slightly increase if our pay processors decide to charge higher fees on processed payments. Please do not ask about the pre-launch, which I have no available information to provide, and right now @DigitalGlobal is working to improve the forum, as it was a reasonable place to start. Your Gold Member fee will help improve our site and may help develop the marketplace at a faster pace. Your fee will be permanent.

If you are a Regular or Established member, then you will you will be upgraded to DG Gold Member. If you are stuck in a rut, and you want to bypass all this moderation/spam crap and get your DG Gold Benefits quickly, then do yourself a favor, and upgrade to GOLD ASAP. We are always looking for good ideas for adding more DG Gold for our members as this will increase the overall membership value, and we feel that we already have quite a bit of gold to offer our forum members, and you never know, your great idea maybe added to the list above.

How much is this Gold going to cost me?
One-time payment: $100

I do not have the cash to buy into the gold plan!
No worries, we will accept 100,000 DG Credits/Coins. This is not going to be an easy task, and it may take some time, however, if you bust the hammer, then maybe you can pull it off in a year or so. DG Coins is only offered as "gratitude" for posting, and therefore, DG Coins does not really yield high payments, but if you save your credits, then sooner or later you will rack up enough to become one of our Gold Members.

Are there any other options?
We can not think of anything else, however, when the marketplace has been completely developed and is up and running, then we can offer DG Gold status to marketplace sellers that sell more than $500 per month in the marketplace. We are always open to new ideas!!!

Append: We have now added a new way for you to earn enough DG Coins/Credits so that you can buy into our Gold member plan, however, this does require a bit of good luck. We have recently installed a raffle/giveaway system that will also benefit our site by attracting more visitors to our forum. You are required to have at least 100 posts before you can enter our contest, giveaway, or raffle; For instance, if we giveaway 5,000 DG Coins, and you end up becoming the winner, then we will transfer those coins into your account. You can save these coins, or spend them in the forum marketplace. How come will this cost me? Conducting a raffle in exchange for money would be considered illegal in the U.S., and would fall under some type of lottery, and this is why we call it a raffle/giveaway, and it will not cost you anything in order to enter. Are you feeling lucky? If so, give DG Contest a try, what do you have to lose? nothing, you may win!!!

Ok, I am ready, how do I pay for DG Gold Member status? If you are a regular forum member, then contact support, and request to be upgraded to an established member, then visit your DG credit/coins section, then use the drop-down, and select DG Gold Member upload, that's it!!! You have 24 hours, or your account will be reverted back to a regular forum member. If you are already an established member, then you are already set, just click on the link below, and click on the purchase option. We only accept PayPal.
(click purchase option)

We have several advertising opportunities that may be available for advertisers.

We have compared our TF/CF to 10 other sites that are similar in the "digital" niche. If have found that our site is of higher quality, and the reason for this is those other sites have built their sites on low-quality backlinks, and as a result, our TF & CF is similar or much higher to that of sites that have been around longer then we have. If you want to create a brand and get it out to the world, then you do not start off building low-quality backlinks, even though you may gain some higher quality backlinks along the way, overall, your site will still be held back due to the fact that the majority of these sites rarely clean their backlink profile, and we are certain most sites do not even look at their backlink profile, and when they ignore this huge step, then they are pretty much killing the health of their site, as google will never allow these sites to reach their full potential, and it is all because site owners maybe ignorant of this fact, or maybe they never looked into keeping their profile clean.

Some people do not realize that Google does not care so much about domain, and page authority like they have in the past, so what if your site has DA25, and PA20, however, your TF/CF maybe extremely low. If I have low TF/CF, then what does that really mean? It means that your site has low-quality backlinks, and by giving other people backlinks on your site, then all you are doing is passing off your low quality to another unsuspecting site, and the receiving site will have low-quality backlinks in his profile. When you choose your link building expert for your site, then choose wisely, and be very selective on who you hire, if you hire to wrong seo provider, then you may have to clean up a mess later.

Why does not google care about domain and page authority?

First off, only Google knows your real domain and page authority, since Google discontinued page rank a few years ago, then we found a new source that gave us a rough idea concerning DA/PA, however, DA/PA is not provided by Google. These trustflow metrics coming from a source called Moz and they are only estimates, and you should not have too much faith in them until your authority really starts to climb, so the next time you jump for joy because you have DA/PA, just keep in mind that these stats are not Google related, as Google no longer provides this data. creates their own algorithm in coming up with their data, and since Moz has nothing to do with Google, nor can Moz see google data, then the only thing Moz can do is guess, or come up with estimates on what they think your site authority should be.

Digital Global℠ is a global brand you can trust! We do not want your money if you do not trust us! If you like sitting on the sidelines as we build trust and joint ventures with other sites, then so be it, as we appreciate you taking the time to stop by, and we wish you the best of luck.

Guest Post - We are only looking for the best content, and anything less will not get your content posted on our blog, maybe you can try one of those sites that have similar trust flow then we have, however, rest assured, your overall backlink quality will be cut in half as explained above, and if you purchase links based solely on DA/PA without any research, they are heading in the wrong direction, am I right or wrong? if you are interested in our guest posting offer, then please visit our blog for more details, then contact support for payment arrangements.
Guest Post Guidelines

Current Rate: $95
(one time fee)

Thread Stickie - Advertisers may purchase what we call a "thread stickie" which means your content will be stickied; There are only 5 slots available per category, and DG Support and Introductions are excluded, as we will not allow these areas to have a stickied thread. Our min term is 12 month, and we highly recommend that you go even higher, as you may not be able to renew your stickie for the original rate. The advertiser in charge of his stickied post, he/she may edit the post as he/she sees fit. The sticker advertiser is also responsible, and liable for his/her content, and would certainly be subject to quality control, and the guidelines/terms of Digital Global℠ Forum. Your content must be related to that category.

Current Rate: $10mo x 12mo = $120
(must be paid in advance! Your current rate will be guaranteed for that time period. If you order 5-year sticky thread on our current rate model, then your rate will not increase until you have reached the 5-year mark, which you can renew at the new rate, or discontinue your advertising.)

Sticky Thread Terms:

  • Your content must be pre-approved before going live.
  • Your content must be high quality containing no grammar errors.
  • Your content must be related to that category listed.
  • Your content must not promote anything considered illegal or immoral.
  • Your content must not contain any type of adult rated.
  • Your content must not contain any type of "Guarantee" claims.
  • Your content must not contain anything that may be perceived as deception/misleading.
  • Your content must be no less than 600 words and should be well formatted.
  • The advertiser may not insert more than 5 anchor/links into content.
  • The advertiser may only have one do-follow link (to be set by @DigitalGlobal)
  • all backlinks must relate to advertisers content, and be of decent quality.

Sticky Thread Advertisers will be able to edit/modify their own content, however, if you modify your content once it has been approved, then DG reserves the right to unapprove your content if we find that your content violates our guidelines and terms of service according to our forum.

Trustflow: = TF20
Citation: = CF30

Trustflow: = TF20
Citation: = CF26

Trustflow: = TF26
Citation: = CF28

Digital Global℠ reserves the right to accept or reject advertiser requests.
Digital Global℠ reserves the right to add/edit/remove terms without cause or notice.
Digital Global℠ reserves the right to increase advertising rates without notice.

We only accept Paypal which utilizes Mastercard/Visa

Amercian Made

Yours Truly,
Digital Global℠
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