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An amazing raw vegan lady who looks half her age !

As someone who loves small-time backyard gardening, I am always searching on youtube for new gardening or health food tutorials. A few days ago, I ran across a gardening interview which was done with a 73 your old lady, who grows most (if not all ) of her own food.

This exceptional lady, Annette Larkin, has been eating a raw food vegan lifestyle for many years now, and even though she is well into her 70’s, she looks like she could still be in her 40 ’s, with magnificent hair, and a beautiful slim figure, as well as a radiant face.
Her husband, who still eats a regular cooked food diet, looks like he could be her father, and said that he has even been mistaken for his wife’s grandfather on occasion!

I am neither a raw foodist or a vegan, and since I am already about the same age as Annette is, it would certainly not affect me that much to make the change at this point in my life.

However, I think that starting to eat a more healthy diet at any age of your life, has to be a good thing, and I am definitely going to be including more of the raw foods that Annette includes in her diet.

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Some people really look younger than others, some call it aging gracefully. I do think eating a lot of fresh vegetables and staying away from pollution and stress help in maintaining a good skin tone and physique. But I do think that one should live a balance life and a good diet must be supplemented by exercise and a stress free environment.


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Did you say that her husband has been mistaken for her grandfather? lol, that is funny as hell. If Annette is 70 and looks like she is in her 40s then that has something to do with her genes. I have a friend that is 6 years older than me but he looks like teenager. I swear he never ages which is something I'll never understand.


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That is amazing but do you really think she is not aging because of the vegan lifestyle? Some people are just blessed with what people call 'younger gene' which means as the rest of us keep getting old, some other people never change. They just remain the same over the years which is just incredible.