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B2C Marketing Case Studies


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Marketing is still, for some, an abstract concept. Business to Consumer (B2C) Marketing can be even more abstract. If we do get presented with case studies from what B2C Marketing has done for companies, we can certainly debate the topic with more concrete aspects. Anyone want to share here case studies on the topic?


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That sounds like an advanced question for another day, and maybe sometime down the road. When it comes to B2C Marketing or any other type of marketing, then it will always come down to Brand, and Trust and the only way to do some type of case study is when traffic is coming to the site, then the data can be analyzed in order to see where B2C or B2B marketing is headed. Google purchased zagat in 2011 for $150 million dollars, and that it would be a safe bet, and it was not, follow the link below, and you will see YELP became popular, and zagat was hardly even on the chart, and it just goes to prove, that a digital asset can turn into a fortune like yelp, or it can turn out to be a digital bust as with Zagat which appears to be a bad investment for google, and it even shows that google can get it wrong sometimes, and they certainly did when they purchased Zagat.

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