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Building Your Brand Using Instagram


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Instagram is an enormously popular social media site that can be very useful in building brand awareness for a business. You really need to know what you are doing when it comes to building a brand on Instagram otherwise you will just end up wasting time. Here are a few effective tips for creating awareness for your brand on Instagram.

Quality Posts are Key
When you are looking to build a brand on Instagram you need to be consistent with your posts. Now this means not only do you need to post consistently you need to provide a consistent theme to your posts. You cannot simply spam your business as that will not help to build a quality brand for your business. You really need to show people what your business is all about. You have a great opportunity to show people what goes on behind the scenes of your business along with who you are as a business owner. Keep this in mind when posting about your business.

A Great Profile is Essential
Another key point to building a brand on Instagram is creating an exceptional profile. You will want to start with a profile photo that well represents your business. You then have the opportunity to create an attention-grabbing statement about your business that is hopefully going to compel people to want to learn more about you. If your business has a hashtag tied to it here is the place to use it. You will also be able to leave a link which should be your homepage or a link to a free giveaway you are having for list building purposes.

Keep Track of the Competition
When looking to create awareness for your brand it is important to pay attention to what your competition is doing. So take some time to check out profiles of other businesses in your niche. You will be able to learn about what they are doing to make a name for themselves and about what you can do to help make sure that your business stands out among the crowd. By taking the time to learn about your competition you will be helping set yourself up for success with building g a would brand for your business.

Getting started on Instagram can seem like an overwhelming task but if you take the time to research and approach this task effectively you will find that your efforts will really pay off.


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It's 2019 and I am now trying to maintain 2 Instagram accounts. I really want to build my presence since this social media has so many users. I may convert to a business account if I can get it going. Right now, it's a personal account.


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Instagram is a powerful social media site for business promotion. While this will not help you generate sales or traffic to your site as you do not have room to share clickable links just like on facebook and twitter, however, you can, of course, use Instagram to build your brand.