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No one likes a scammer, and let's be honest, we all have run into scammers at some point, and I think it would be a safe bet your scam was related to an online business, and this is exactly what this section is for. If you are scammed, then there is a good chance that the scammer is long gone, or he/she may be simply just ignoring your refund requests; Even though you may never recoup your loss, then maybe you will get some satisfaction of listing the scammer.

setting up Business Scam reviews was not my idea, and this came from @DigitalGlobal, and how he explained this to me really makes since. DG said if we setup review sections across the forum, then this will sooner or later draw traffic to our site for example, someone may be doing a business scam or business review search on google, and when we have enough of these reports and reviews listed, then this forum will start getting organic traffic from Google.

Before reviewing any business or company, then make sure your facts are right.

Ripoff Report Guidelines:

Keep your personal feelings in check: Our members only want the facts of your case, even though we understand you may have been ripped off, now is not the time to inject your personal feelings into your review or report which can obscure the facts, then facts start to become fiction; Facts only, please.

You may list DG Merchants, vendors or sellers in this section as we want to be transparent to everyone, however, if we feel that you are injecting personal feelings, and not the facts, then we may remove your post at our discretion. We will always urge buyers to work out any issues with their seller or vendor, and yes, 1 day is not enough time for a seller or vendor to look into any issues you may have with your order; Buyers and sellers should work together!

Be careful what you say, if we feel that this section is turning into some bashing, and flaming, then those posts will be removed, and any involved members may be banned for violating our forum rules. We will also delete any information that may be considered personal, names, phone numbers, and so on.

Post Format:

When you are searching for a business online in order to determine if they are a scam, then what you type into google, and this is exactly how you should title your post, and this will get the most reaction when posts are indexed, and traffic starts coming to the site, and we will even give you an example listed below:

Business or Company name + Ripoff
Business or company name + Scam
Business website/url + Ripoff
Business website/url + Scam

Please do not post insignificant info that would not help our members, some people may post vague info that does not help anyone so that they can make an informed decision. Your scam complaint should be very accurate and detail, and provide enough information as to why someone else would or would not do business with this company, and if your post contains a one-liner, then that may not help anyone to make a decision.

You may also insert tags into your posts, and use tags in a responsible manner or they will be removed.

Did you find this section by mistake, and you wanted to leave a positive review for a business? No worries, please head on over to business reviews, and you will be able to tell all of our members your positive experiences that you have had with a business, and our members will be grateful.

Get Paid To Program Reviews

Legit > Implies you know that the business is Legit
Ripoff > Implies that you have been ripped off by the business/site.
Scam > Implies that you know for a fact the business is a scam.
New > Im not sure either way, however, here is my review.

If you need a status changed, then please make your request in DG Suggestions, and let us know why you are requesting a status change, it could be that you started out with "new" then later, you found out that the business was, in fact, legit or a complete scam. Lets keep our members up-to-date.

Yours Truly,
Digital Global℠


Warning: Member Reviews do come with their own associated risks, and you should take "Legit" reviews with a grain of salt, why? Just because a member declares a site to be "legit" does not make it true, and it would make sense that some members have self-interest reasons by declaring their own site "Legit" and safe to visit, then come to find out it may be a scam site; Before doing business with such a site, then do more research, and ask for more proof that they are who they say they are. If you run across a "Legit" site, and you know for a fact that the site is scamming others, then please do step up, and report the thread, as we can not take action until our members play a more active role in reporting such threads, and ultimately, and you are responsible for making due diligence decisions, and if you do not follow our advice, then you may end up getting ripped off, and it was not by Digital Global, but someone else.
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