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[Forum] Can I promote affiliate links on DG Forum?


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Only if you create useful, and valuable information to our visitors that would justify using an affiliate link. We are like everyone else that sees little to no information, and affiliate links posted all over the place, which does not work for us, nor does it work for our visitors that may click on a biased affiliate link.

With that being said:

  • Your review must be honest, and provide value to our visitors.
  • You may include one affiliate link in the main post.
  • You may not reply to posts with affiliate links.

Always do a search before posting. If we find that you are dropping affiliate links when reviews have already been created, then we will remove those affiliate links. When visitors come to a site, then they do not want to do a search and find 10 listings of similar reviews, then on top of that cluttered with affiliate links.

Remember: You can also make use of signature links.