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Clicking Checkout Could Cost You More (Supreme Court Battle)

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I guess it was just a matter of time that state/government wants a bigger piece of the pie by charging you sales tax. Our government can not manage the massive amount of tax money that is already collected as it is, now they want you to pay taxes online so they can continue their pork barrel spending habits in Washington, and do not mention more taxes to Amazon, if you do, then they will just throw a temper tantrum and discontinue affiliates in certain states as they have in the past. Retails have been getting away for years by not charging or collecting a sales tax, and some claim this could put some businesses out of business? Why? If every business has to collect sales taxes, then how is this going to put the business out of business? If passed, then buyers would pay sales taxes no matter which online retailer they buy from. I am not sure what the big deal is, no one likes to pay sales taxes, however, I order from Walmart quite often, and if order is over $35, I get free shipping.

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