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Content Freelancer Marketplace

Type in "places to sell your content", "selling digital content online", or "digital product marketplaces" as answers to where to sell your products or services. A brief blanket-map. Are you a buyer or seller, are you finding the products/services you are looking for? Are the products and services you buy/offer of high quality? This is important for buyers, and sellers alike, right. Buyers are looking for quality products and services, and sellers should only be selling high-quality products and services to their clients, does this sound fair?

General Content Sites

If your products and service are hot, they'll sell no haggling. You may even get regular visitors as savvy entrepreneurs want to eliminate uncertainty. Locales like Digitalpoint Marketplace are solid, however, we do have to warn you that DP has declined over the years, and their marketplace is below quality standards.

Infographic/Image Sites

A driver of social engagement and the preferred publishing format of Millenials Internet-wide sites like Instagram, Imgur, and Tumblr serve up thousands of pictures daily. Exposure can clue you in on profitable content.

Creatives/Artistes Sites

More for upper creative-disciplined aspirants needing to funnel their work through a profitable, fast stream. Once again, community exposure in places like MyFolio or Yessy Art Gallery will equal sales, if done properly (and weekly). You may also sell jewelry on sites such as Etsy, which can also be very popular due to traffic they can bring.

Hobby/Craft Sites

For the artisan-set, selling hand-crafted things. Heavyweights like Etsy and ArtFire have relied on the range of the offerings from their respective communities to help forge niche relationships. If you expect to get your business off the ground, then you will certainly need to develop a high level of trust, and relationships with others.

Microjob Sites

The 800-lb. gorilla niche sub-division, those landing destinations make them highly-trafficked. Custom pricing offers help entrepreneurs properly value service on places like Fiverr, and WordClerks, even though fiver does have some decent sellers, however, we would never recommend you buy anything related to link-building. These type of sellers on fiver are simply looking for a quick buck, and generally, do not care about the overall negative impact they will have on your site with low-quality backlinks.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Sites

These sites supply shopping cart facilities and permit you to create compelling copy and imagery to sell your products, with a system to deliver a product for you (minus administration fees, of course). Shopify and eJunkie are prime example platforms, keep in mind that Shopify does cost $29/mo, and highly dependant on add-ons.

Specialized Marketplaces

Many marketplaces outside the ancient North American axis (like Lazada for the Philippines, or Alibaba for China and the Middle East), are getting international traction as people are realizing their profit potentials, also keep in mind, you get what you pay for, so do not peddle junk to your buyers in return for high profit margins.

Time to exercise the largest and strongest muscle in your body by using the previously-mentioned search queries to investigate all the sites in the text of this article. There are (positively) heaps of others, do not be lazy because it means that you are just leaving money on the table for any relevant competition.
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