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[Announcement] Create & Launch Your Own Shop

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Create & Launch Your Own Shop

Safety, Security, & Privacy are our highest priorities!!!
following, honesty, integrity, and trust.

When Digital Global goes live, then you should expect to see a highly advanced marketplace for buyers and sellers alike. Our slogan is "a Digital Global Marketplace" and for good reason, our marketplace is digital, and you can sell whatever you want providing it is legal, moral, and does not cause conflict such as hate, rate, speech, etc. If you are a seller in the marketplace and want to sell downloadable digital products, then you can do that; If you are a seller from China, and you want to open up a B2B shop in the USA, then you can do that too. You can create and launch your own shop on our very own highly advanced marketplace technology, plus tons of seller features & options. I am not going to waste my time showing you fancy ass charts, and graphics; You will either love our brand, or you won't, and will wish you the best of luck.

Here are some shop owner features and options for shop/vendors:

Separate vendor panel - each shop owner will get their own administration panel, along with options, and settings in order to setup and manage their online marketplace. Vendors will have access to their own admin, and you will not be able to interfere with other shop owners or vendors. As a multi-vendor shop, you will be able to do a few things such as manage customer orders, products, filters, options and features that you would find in a shop or marketplace. You will be able to create info pages, polls, and add links, and you will be able to view your vendor account balance, set shipping methods, and taxes. Yes, if you are required by your county, state or country to collect taxes, then you are required to do so, and if you do not know much about taxes, then you should consult a local tax consultant in your area. As shop owner and/or vendor, you will be able to set your own currency, and language for your marketplace shop/store; You will also be able to import/export products and orders; As a micro-store, you will be able to set up your vendor description, upload your company logo, and several other vendor features you would expect to find. OMG, are you waiting for the next-next technology generation? Sign up now!

Digital Global℠ is not bound by language barriers. We have 26 popular built-in transactions, and your customers from all over the world will not be bound by language barriers either because visitors will be able to switch to the language of their choice, and they will be ready to see the goods, and products that you offer. as a shop owner or vendor, you will have real-time shipping calculations that will depend on customer location, total order cost, weight, and all order information that is needed.

Comments & Reviews enabled by verified buyers. Comments and Reviews to your shop will keep you honest. If you have a habit of dishonesty, then your smart customers will not turn a blind eye, and rat you out on a moments notice. Do yourself a favor, respect your customers, no matter what; We highly and strongly recommend that all shop owners offer a 30-45 day return policy. Don't lose buyers and customers forever because you are greedy for that very last dollar!!! If you sell high-quality products and offer top notch customer service, then you may just get that positive that you are looking for, and your buyers will see your honesty & integrity.

update: All sellers are required to offer a 30 day return policy, and the only exception to this rule is Digital Download Products which will not have a return or refund policy, as the old saying goes, you can not put the genie back in the bottle once the bottle has been opened, and the only exception to this rule is if the merchant/seller promoted their listing in a misleading manner such as "not as described" in their shop.

It would be confusing if one shop had a 5 day return policy, another shop has a 7 day return policy, and another shop has a 14 day policy, and we found it best to set a reasonable 30 day return policy for all merchants, and sellers as to avoid any consumer confusion in our marketplace.

Vendor Suggestion: Do not sell low quality junk that you would not buy for yourself or your family!!! As a seller, you want to sell high-quality merchandise; Your shop listing should be as described with no misleading facts that will confuse your customers; As a seller, you should respond to refund requests in a fast and prompt manner, and you could communicate with your customers to resolve issues ASAP!!!

Reports - as a shop owner/vendor, then you will have access to your account balance, sales reports & statistics, by using our platform, you will have access to advanced tools, graphical & tabular charts. You will have the data you need in order to determine if you need to make any kind of changes to your shop in order to increase sales. You will also be able to track all payouts and commissions taken by the store admin; Sellers will also be able to review their income & expenditure statistics per period. You ever heard the term "awesome-sauce"?

Here are some additional features:

Import / Export
Bulk product editing
Advanced Search
Call Requests - order processing
Order Email Notifications
Multiple Currencies, and taxes
Product page templates
Informational pages
Loyalty & Rewards
Stock Control, low stock notifications
Vendor terms and conditions

Current/Future shop features:

Aftership - tracking & notifications
PayPal & Stripe
Youtube - why show pics when you can show your product video
All shop owners - enhanced SEO, rich snippets, etc.
Social proof - x amount of products sold, number of visitors viewing.
and much, much more...

Affiliate & Referrals
Even though this is not a sole feature for shop owners. We do not charge any extra fees for setting up our Affiliate & Referral system. Looking for affiliates to promote your high-quality products? DG is solely for affiliates and affiliate payouts, not shop/store owners.

We offer credit card options that are 100% safe and secure on networks that you are already familiar, such as PayPal, google/apple pay, and stripe. DG uses 3rd party payment processors in order to process buyer payments, and we take privacy seriously, as DG will never give away, release rent or sell your customer data, and we use secure servers that offer two-step verification that will prevent account hacking.

Read our article:
Create & Launch Your Own Shop!!!

Shop owners: If you are required to taxes or VAT in your state or country, then this is your responsibility to do so. Please do not ask us tax questions as we are not your tax advisor, if you are not sure, then please contact a local tax consultant in your area for assistance.

As a vendor, how do I get paid? All new vendors are required to have PayPal, stripe, or both. and when a customer makes a purchase from your shop or store, then you are paid directly! and it is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that their ordering process flows as smooth as possible, and vendors should process orders as fast as possible, and communicate with their customers in an effective manner.

Can my shop accept other payment sources? Our trusted vendors that have few to zero complaints that gross $5,000 or more per month may have access to other payment processors such as Apple pay, Google Pay using Braintree payment system which also includes all major credit cards, and debit cards, visa, MasterCard, Amercian Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB which uses additional verfication using 3D Secure technology, and easy to use payment processing, and this will allow your customers to make a purchase within seconds, and keeping Digital Global, and vendors safe from fraudulent purchases, and it is our job to limit risk to all parties involved, including customers.

Privacy / Terms
other shop owner terms will apply.
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