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[Announcement] Create New Forum Topics!!!


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RE: Create New Topics!!!

We seem to have a problem on this forum, and I hope our members will help us out by creating new topics, rather than re-hashing old content/threads. Your newly created post/topic will always be more important than the comments/replies you get in your post, this is because Google scans the first post/thread that you make as the most important, then comments/replies in your post may be considered relevant or even secondly, but Google does not see replies as important as your original post, and this is why it is important for your posts to be detailed or provide enough value to our members so that your posts are indeed considered useful by google. If you create a post, and all you do is say thank-you, then Google will not find your post useful, and therefore, it will never rank any higher then those other forum URLs that serve no real value.

Post comments/replies are great, however, when there is no more value in the reply, and the forum member is just spinning words around, then those replies are no longer useful or valuable, not only to Google, but our forum members as well. If you do not have any value to add to a post, then please create a new topic, and add value there. If we do not provide value to our members, then there is no real point is running a forum, and no one will bother signing up if they do not find our forum useful. We would love for our members to provide value one to another.

Create something powerful....