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CyberDictate Transcription Company Review.


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#1 is an online transcription company that's recruiting experienced transcribers who are residents of the US. They are currently accepting legal transcribers' applications.
If you're accepted, you'll work as an independent contractor.

Please note that in order to be considered as a candidate, you MUST possess the following equipment minimums PRIOR TO TESTING:

• Headset
• Foot pedal
• Transcription software (MUST be capable of reading: DSS, DS2, WAV, MP3, DVI, WMV audio files and have AVI and MPEG reading capabilities, at a minimum)

The following software is also required PRIOR to testing with CyberDictate in order to be considered (must have latest versions):

• Corel WordPerfect
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Excel


PRIOR LEGAL EXPERIENCE IS A MUST! No less than 3 full years intensive legal experience in law firms within the past 5-7 years is required.
• Impeccable PROFESSIONAL References Required. (Personal references are NOT accepted)
• You MUST have extensive experience in and an excelled working knowledge of legal terminology and proper set up of legal documents (ie, pleadings, discovery, agreements, formal correspondence, etc. )
• Availability during normal business hours.
• Have a minimum typing speed of 85. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
• Work well under pressure and strict time constraints.

I couldn't find more information or other reviews, and I think it's not popular because it requires experience and not every freelancer has that.
I cannot find any payment proofs but the website looks very professional. If anyone's interested, you can just contact them.


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In order to use this site you need to know about legal terms and should be from the US. Looks like this site is not for a beginner or for people from countries other than the US. The review itself is incomplete. The OP does not say whether this site can be trusted or not. The OP should have done some research before posting this review.