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DG Forum Guidelines (must read!!!)

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General Post Guidelines:

Use some common sense before posting, otherwise, if you stick your foot in your mouth, then you may not be able to unstick your foot, then you end getting banned on the forum for not following our posting guidelines; Act civil, and pretend your human, and let's all get along...
1: Be descriptive, don't post baseless content like, hi, thanks, hello, bump, etc...

2: This is not an advertising platform, if you are looking for self-promotion, then there are other sites that can serve you better then we can. We do allow sellers to promote their listings in the "promotion" section of this forum; Sellers may also take advantage of signature links that point back to their seller listing; However, other signature links may not be used for other purposes such as "self-promotion" It is not our goal to distract visitors which may lead them to other sites that serve no interest to our forum. You may post 1-2 links in posts if they offer value to our visitors, and this means high authority sites that offer value such has Wikipedia related sites, self-promotion links will be deleted.

3: Do not copy/paste content that you do not own, as this could lead to our members getting sued. Digital Global℠ Forum is a 3rd party platform for buyers and sellers; member posts are solely responsible for what they post. Members! We are doing you a favor, so do not copy/paste content that is not your own. Be careful about what you say, and how you say it so that you do not disrespect other forum members. Being bitter will get you nowhere.

4: Do not post "offensive" material such as posts, links, images, etc...We certainly would hate to see you get booted off the forum because you could not control yourself. If you get upset by another member, then take a break, or better yet, just do not respond to ignorance...

5: Do not post multiple questions across multiple sections on the forum, and do not post one reply after another. You can do everything you need in one post; making multiple back to back replies not only devalues the forum but also makes the forum look bad in the process.

6: If you get spam, ignore the user, report the post and/or conversation.

7: Treat other people as you would like to be treated, otherwise, your stay may be short-lived....

8: Can I have more then one account, sure, if you want them banned one after another....

9: Reserved

10: Why are my posts moderated? In order to reduce spam. You do not like spam, and we hate spam period, so it was decided that all new members must make 100 quality posts, after which, you will be promoted to a new rank with having those privileges, and if this does not work, then we will increase posts to a higher post count until spammers get the hint; Low life spam scum are not wanted on this forum....

11: Signature links may be used, providing, the following: no adult, porn, illegal, or immoral links....

12: I cannot add/edit my signature!!!
Once members reach 100 posts, then signature links will be enabled.

13: Bumping: Do not bump your thread unless you have something new to contribute to the conversation, otherwise, you may find your thread locked; otherwise, you may find your thread deleted; Posting duplicate content on the forum may result in a ban, and this goes for any part of our forum, and we mean "ZERO" duplicate content, and if forum staff does not catch violators, then I promise other forum members will.

14: Tagging: Content tagging has been enabled, for instance, if your content is about freelance work, then you may use tags that relate to freelance, and this will help improve SEO, however, as a warning, if you violate the use of tags, then your account may be banned. You may think it is funny to use irrelevant tags, or using tags to cuss, but we do not see this as a laughing matter, and this will put your account in jeopardy.

We may add/edit/delete/update our forum guidelines at any time for any reason, without notice.

This post does not necessarily over-ride our terms of service.

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