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Q:> What is the fee structure for sellers?
Sellers pay 15% flat rate fee.

payment processing fee: 2.9%
transaction fee: $0.00
(most freelance sites charge $0.30)

Digital Global℠ will receive 12.1% once the transaction is complete.

Q:> What is the seller payout structure?

up to $100
payout in 15 days

$101 - $249
payout in 30 days

$250 - $499
payout in 60 days

payout in 90 days

We know some sellers will have concerns about having "delayed" payment options, however, there are two ways that sellers can go about getting instant payments. 1: Get a job, and wait for a 2 week paycheck. 2: Become a panhandler and get cash! This is not about the seller; This is about protecting our company, since disputes will become inevitable in the future, and you want DG to pay them, so you can operate rent free? NO! If you do not like our payout structure, then we will kindly refer you back to F$#$%r... We have less restrictions, and our fees are lower....

Q:> What is the crowdfunding fee?
A:> 5%

Q:> How about domain/website transaction fee?
This service is a little different from how our marketplace works, however, in this case, buyers and sellers can buy and sell domain/websites similar too; Our fee for this service is flat rate 15%. F$%^r and [email protected]$#^a are two different types of marketplaces, however, they really do not seem to care on their over all service that they provide. You will find 3 different services on Digital Global℠ which are the following, DG Marketplace, DG Crowdfunding, and DG Domain/website for buyers and sellers, so why go to 3 different sites when you can come to just one site for all your digital needs; We will be here for you when others have checked out, and seem to be running on brand alone which is no way to run any type of business; Be here for us, and we will be there for you, and no sticker shock fees....

Q:> Is there a buyer fee?

Q:> Are Seller funds placed in Escrow?
Absolutely! Buyer/Seller funds will safely be in escrow, until a time they will be released to the seller for completing a project.

Q:> What is your refund policy?
Digital Global℠ is a 3rd party platform that brings buyers and sellers together. Digital Global℠ does not get involved during the transaction process; This is a Buyer Beware marketplace for buyers and sellers. If you have already escrowed your funds, and waiting for the project to be completed, then the only way to receive a refund at this point is to talk to the seller. If the seller is respectable, and wants to increase his reputation in the DG Marketplace, then he will honor your refund request, and then both parties can simply go their own ways, and be happy. Please do not open a support ticket, and ask for a refund; This is outside of our scope of operation, and most likely, you will not get a reply.

Q:> What if I dispute the transaction?
Your account will be banned! Then you will receive a notice
saying that you should go back to F$#$%r...

Q:> Seller has scammed me!!!
A:> If you feel the seller has scammed you, then tell your story in DG Complaints. If DG does investigate, and finds that your claims are valid, and payouts have not been made to the seller yet, then you will receive a refund on your project. Please do not contact support regarding this; When telling your story, then you need to be polite, and show a certain level of respect, even if you feel that you have been scammed. You will also need to post as much proof as possible. Just because you are making an accusations of fraud/scams does not mean it is true. Digital Global℠ reserves the right to investigate, not investigate, offer refunds, etc. as mentioned earlier, this is a "Buyer Beware" marketplace platform; However, if we do decide to investigate, and we find the seller is committed fraud, and scamming buyers, then you may receive a refund, and sellers account will be terminated. We want honest buyers & sellers, and we prefer everyone get along without incident, as this will make life easier for everyone.

Q:> What goods/services are not allowed in the marketplace?
  • Low Quality Goods and Services.
  • Account selling and or swapping.
  • Followers ie: twitter, facebook, etc...
  • anything considered unethical or illegal
Q:> What goods/services are allowed in the marketplace?

High Quality Goods and Services (of value...)
  • Design / Web services
  • SEO / Marketing services
  • Digital products
  • Digital services
  • Domain sales
  • Website sales
What can you imagination? If you are seeking a major category that is not listed, then feel free to make a category suggestion. We will review your request, if accepted, then we will add the new category, if not, then you may see nothing happen, however, if more people are interested in the same category, then it is very well possible we can convinced, overall, we try out best to cater to all interests if we can....


  • "Buyer Beware" Communicate with the seller.
  • Filing a chargeback will get you banned.
  • Show respect for other Buyers/Sellers.
  • Communicate effectively!!!


  • Offer high quality products & services.
  • Deliver you offer in a timely manner.
  • Offer a respectable refund policy.
  • Show respect for other Buyers/Sellers.
  • Communicate effectively!!!

Digital Global℠ reserves the right to reject seller listings for any cause or reason. It is in the best interest of the seller to provide high quality digital goods and services, and if you are looking for reputation, and for god sake, offer some type of refund policy for buyers, and honor it.

Q:> my buyer/seller account got canned, is there an appeal process!
Short answer, no! Your account was investigated and or reviewed because you violated our terms of service. We are not trying to be hard core unlike some sites that do not even communicate with their buyers and sellers; fraud, and scams, is a big no-no! As a buyer, if you are caught trying to defraud or scam the seller, and this includes any type of "blackmail" then your account is subject to termination. If the buyer/seller is found out to be defrauding/scamming buyers/sellers, then the buyer/seller account will be terminated. Digital Global℠ reserves the right to reject access to any marketplace account, and/or forum access for any cause, and for any reason. We will not tolerate fraud from buyers or sellers, period....

Q:> What is a low quality product or service?
Seller may list a service where the seller writes your message on a piece of paper, slaps it on his forehead, then goes running through the New York subway system. If this is the type of crap you want to sell, then please head right on over to F$#$%r...

Q:> No response from support....
Digital Global℠ may not respond to all support requests, and it is not because we do not care; We simply have a business to run, and if we have to respond to requests like "Why is the sky blue...?" then we certainly would not get much done that relates to our operation. If you are in need of medical attention, then do not contact support, instead, consider calling 911, and make a support request for paramedics.

Q:> Do you offer 24/7 support? No!

Hours: Monday-Friday from 12p - 12a
Sat and Sun
- Catch up support only....
(may not reply to new support tickets on weekends.)

You never know, it is possible that some of our staff cant sleep in the early hours, and they may respond to support tickets, keep in mind, they are not obligated during non business hours, and they may do this in order to catch up, or maybe they are just bored, so just thank them....

Some keywords to take reference:
  • DG Forum > Its obvious :)
  • DG Wallet > Cash in sellers account.
  • DG Vault > Money In Buyer/Seller Escrow Account.
  • DG Affiliate > We are not there yet....
  • (Got more ideas? Lets hear them...)
You may also post your questions in DG Questions for community support...

PS ultimately Digital Global℠ will have 3 platforms under one roof.

  • Buy & Sell Marketplace
  • Crowdfunding Services
  • Domain & Website sales

This post does not necessarily over-ride our terms of service.

Yours Truly,
Digital Global℠
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