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[Deal] DG Marketplace Guidelines

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Buy & Sell Online Marketplace

You have found your way to our online forum marketplace. If you are looking for a place to list your micro-jobs, then you have come to the right place.

Our Marketplace Currency: DG Credits or Coins ie: Digital Currency

What is the marketplace fee? 100 Credits/Coins per post
You can earn coins by making high-quality posts

Job/Service requests cannot exceed $100 in value ie: 100,000 coins/credits
(This is intended for small gigs, jobs or service requests)

If you do not have enough DG Credits/coins, then you may purchase DG Credits in lots of 5,000 or 10,000. In order to reach the purchase menu, then click on your credits link, then look for purchase, and you will see 5,000 Credits = $5.00 and 10,000 credits = $10.00.

Once you have 100 posts then you will be able to participate in our online marketplace. If you are not an established member or have not yet made 100 posts in order to become an established member, then you will not be able to list your offers in the DG Forum Marketplace. If you do not see DG Credits on DG Forum Nav-Bar, then you are not an Established member, have not made 100 posts, or you may not be qualified to earn credits.

In order to avoid spam, then all marketplace posts will be moderated.

If you want buyers/sellers to take your offer(s) or task(s) seriously, then be prepared to offer xx amount of DG Credits or Coins. You will always be able to find someone to do your niche tasks, however, no one likes to do any type of digital tasks for dirt cheap, offer more, and you will see more interest in your offers.

If anyone is caught doing back-door deals, then both parties may be banned. Let's keep DG Marketplace safe and clean for all members so that everyone will enjoy visiting our online marketplace. We really do not care what you buy, sell, trade, however, it must be considered moral, and legal, sound fair?


1: Spam = Canned! You will be banned.
2: Link dropping will get you banned, no questions asked.
3: Posting thin content just to drop your link, refer #1
4: Posting the same products/services multiple times will get you banned.
5: posting duplicate content will get your account banned.

DG Forum Marketplace Guidelines

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