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DG Media Guidelines

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DG Media & Gallery

One day this month or last, we ran across this very low-quality site, and a post that grabbed our attention was the fact the site did not allow any type of media to be added on the forum, maybe he felt the media would be a distraction on posting content, then on another forum, we read a post from that forum member that having any type of media & gallery would be a distraction to the forum, why? If people are not on the forum posting content, then what is the media/gallery going to do? If this is the case, then maybe google images should discontinue their image service! maybe people are not in the mood to post content, maybe they want to upload some media, why not, yes, we would certainly prefer content over media, however, if done correctly, then the media/gallery can pull in organic traffic also which would benefit our site.

Media Guidelines:

  • Your media must be related to the business/freelance niche.
  • Your media must be related to media category.
  • Your media may not contain any links to external sites.
  • Your media may not contain adult/porn material.
  • Your media may not contain illegal/immoral activity.
  • Do not upload media if you do not have rights to the media.
If you wish to help improve our SEO, then please add your own unique content for media images, and embed videos, this will help our site rank higher, compared to leaving the default media description in place. Our goal is to improve overall SEO where-ever possible!

Once you have uploaded your content via our DG Media section, then
you may use the media embed code in order to share your media.

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ps. Please *REPORT* media that may be in violation of our Media / Gallery Guidelines.
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