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DG Resource Guidelines

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DG Resource Center is:
reserved for Gold Members:
How do I become a Gold Member?

DG Resource Center is for marketplace/sellers that wish to extend their content reach across our forum. Do you offer/provide high-quality digital products and or/services that you wish to promote beyond the marketplace? If so, then you have come to the right place. In order to prevent low-quality listings, spam, etc. Our terms and conditions of our resource center are highly enforced, why? Why not? The last thing our visitors want to see is low-quality schemes that just want to squeeze another buck out of unsuspecting buyers, and we would like to think that our visitors would want to watch out for them on their behalf in order to ensure quality product/service/offer quality so that all of our visitors may enjoy the use of our forum, and we welcome all buyers/sellers/other to participate in all areas of our site. Our goal is about quality, not quantity!!!

DG Resource Guidelines:

  • You must be a gold member.
  • All forum Guidelines and terms still apply.
  • Your resource must not be our direct competition.
  • You may not promote adult, hate, race, speech or illegal/immoral activities.
  • Your resource is moderated and may be rejected for any reason, without cause or notice.
  • If you are unsure about adding your resource, then please contact support for clarification.
  • Resource content must be 100% unique, well written, and formatted using proper grammar (English)
  • Your resource must be legit, why? Complaints may result in an investigation on your account

If your category is not listed, then please make a visit to our suggestion section, and feel free to make a category suggestion, and we shell take your request into consideration, however, no guarantees. When making any type of suggestion, then please use the correct title prefix, if you do not see a prefix that may apply, then please feel free to make a suggestion on adding a prefix that may apply, no guarantees.

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