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DG Top Poster of the month contest.


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DG Top Poster of the month contest.

This contest is about as simple as any contest can get, and all you have to do to win this contest is be the top poster of the month. Admin/mods are not included in the contest, well damn, since that means I cannot be included the highest poster of the month, and if I am, then the next poster will be considered top poster of the month. In order to claim your prize, then you must contact @DGStaff via our support thread or send a PM, then I will award your prizes, sorry, prizes are not awarded automatically, however, the only thing you have to do in order to win is post high-quality content. see update thread.℠-updates.63/post-1794

Prize: 1000 DG Credits/Coins

We hope to extend this contest in the future.

We hope to add other contests in the future.

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