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Guest Blogging Made Easy!

Digital Global will soon come out with a community blog so that bloggers can post their articles. We hope Digital Global℠ News will catch on with bloggers so that they will be able to post their articles/content on our community blog platform. Our platform does utilize no-follow backlinks, however, we offer do-follow links to our preferred blog contributors that have a track record of proven excellence. still reading? Sign up and start blogging today!

We are making it as easier as possible for our visitors to submit their guest post to Digital Global℠ News, and the signup process is simple as it can get, and all you have to do is signup, login, then you will be able to start posting your articles to our community blog platform. Digital Global℠ News will be using a responsive theme, and if you should encounter any bugs, then please submit bugs in the appropriate category of DG Forum under DG Bugs, and we will resolve all bugs as quickly as possible. Our platform is WordPress, easy signup, easy login, then set up your articles.

  • Business
  • Health
  • Life
  • SEO & SEM
  • Startups
  • Technology

Community Guest Post Guidelines:
You may not post:

  • anything immoral or illegal
  • adult related material
  • gambling related material
  • cryptocurrency related material
  • Spin, Spun or junk content having no value.
  • content that offends others
  • hate, speech, race-related content
  • affiliate links

If Digital Global℠ deems your content to be unfit for our platform, then Digital Global℠ reserves the right to remove said content. If Digital Global℠ receives any copyright/trademark complaints concerning your content, then Digital Global℠ will make the decision to remove your content, and terminate your blog account. By submitting your content on our platform, then the poster agrees not to hold Digital Global℠ liable for any said claims, and the poster could be found liable for damages. Our community blog posters agree that Digital Global℠ makes no claims or guarantees of any income or loss of income as a result of the content that is posted on our community blog.

Digital Global℠ publishes content from expert blog contributors and writers all around the world that have their own opinions and some content may not reflect the beliefs and options of Digital Global℠ , however, we respect what others have to say as long their content does not offend others.

Digital Global℠ reserves the right to block or remove user accounts for no reason, for other reasons, and without prior notice or warning. If you do not want your account terminated, then follow our guidelines and rules, and you will be fine as your account would not be deleted. If you are not sure or have a question concerning your post, then please contact us before you submit any articles to our guest blogging platform.

Guest Posting Tips:

  • Submit Journalist style content
  • Upload a photo! duh...
  • Fill out author bio completely
  • do not post content if you have no rights to do so.
  • do not post photos/videos if you have no rights to do so.
  • Link out to authority sites.
  • Internal linking to other related pages.
  • Avoid self-promotion, reviews, etc...

We understand that guest bloggers want to submit their re-published content, however, when it comes to SEO, this is no longer considered best SEO practice, and if you are looking for higher rankings for your content, then our advice would be to submit unique content that is written in a style that journalists would write their content. We would like for you to understand that submitting the same content all over the web does not help you in the eyes of Google, and this will just weaken your efforts. Google is constantly looking for fresh content and will do its best to serve up the best results in their index, and if you submit your article to one site after another, then Google will pick up the first article indexed and may ignore other articles that you have posted on various sites, and if that is not the case, then your other articles may get a much lower ranking on those other sites. This is the exact reason article directories are not in demand as they were in the past, and we would love for our contributors to post their fresh and unique articles/content on Digital Global℠ News so we can get your post to rank as high as possible for our community blog readers.

We urge all guest bloggers to follow best on-page SEO practices, and this includes linking out to authority sites, uploading photos, uploading videos, and linking to internal pages across our site. Google loves it when bloggers follow their guidelines and will allow us to rank higher in search engines. We also advise that you keep your money keywords to a bare minimum, as over-optimizing your anchor text can invite a google penalty. If you read Google guidelines, then you will quickly find out that Google wants you to be as diverse as possible, in this case, more is not better, less is best!!!

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Yours Truly,
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