[Announcement] Digital Global℠ files US Trademark.

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Just received word that @DigitalGlobal has filed for trademark status with the US Trademark office; without going into the legal aspects, this allows us to create and set up our idea without having to worry if someone is already using the same or even similar concept using our brand, and this protects our brand from those that may not be so honest, as some people are not honest, and may claim we are violating their trademark, and filing a trademark with the US govt gives you more rights, and makes your case even stronger from those that may attempt to infringe on our name brand, or those that may attempt to use our name brand in the future in order to make a profit for themselves.


Serial Number:

Filing Date:
February 26, 2018

Xavier Morales, Esq.
Law Office of Xavier Morales
P.O. Box 6510
San Antonio, TX 78209
1-866-618-2517 (Office)
1-866-639-4889 (Fax)


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