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re: Digital Global: After Dark


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You may have just stumbled across the greatest nightclub on the planet, Digital Global: After Dark, and before I start complaining about guidelines, rules, and regulations, which no one really likes or even reads, well, I just wanted to welcome you to the coolest, and fastest growing forum on the planet....

Some people have been confused on what to do next when they signup to our forum and they stumble around in the dark, you are a newbie here right, and most people feel somewhat out of their comfort zone when they signup to a new forum. Please do not feel frustrated because currently, you may not have access to the full benefits our forum has to offer, however, there is no need to worry about the little things in life, and my job is to guide you, and help upgrade your account.

First, we need to upgrade your account:
Before we do so, then we need to know that you are not just another bot/spammer, and therefore, we would like you to make a min of 5 posts, and please make sure that your content is written in English, once your posts have been made, then we will review your account for quality, and we will approve your posts as soon as possible, until then, please feel free to keep posting; Once your account has been upgraded, then your posts will no longer go into moderation, and will be live, remember, quality does matter.

This post will also serve up some guidelines so you do not get lost in the process:


1: Your content must be written in clear, plain, easy to read English.
2: Never copy and paste content from other sites!
3: Never re-post the same content from one thread to the next!
4: Never create a review, if someone else has already done so, you may lose DG Coins.
6: Do not create back to back double, or triple consecutive posts.
7: Be polite to one another! No flaming, insults, etc.

We have various other guidelines, however, we can address them in the following resource links. Keep in mind, I can be the friendliest person on the planet, however, if you do the forum wrong by violating our rules, then I can quickly become the most wicked witch of east, west, south, and north, understand? Let's have a great time by educating, and helping each other.

Resource links:

All forum announcements here:

Digital Global updates:℠-updates.63/

How to earn cash for referrals:

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No confirmations email? see this...

If you experience any issues, then please contact support:

and for god sakes, read the rules, as we want our forum to be fast, furious, and friendly for all to enjoy!!!

DG Forum Guidelines:

Privacy Policy:℠-privacy-policy.44/

Terms of service:℠-terms-of-service.45/



Do you think our members have been naughty?
Please keep our forum clean, and report bad members.

Our rules may appear strict, But we are fair!
We want to offer our visitors an awesome "user experience"

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