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Weekly Cash Contests Coming Soon....

Your first question may be something like "what contest?" I do not see any contests, and this is why I am going to attach a screen showing the "contest" placements, and if you still can not find the contest, then it may simply mean you do not qualify for the contest, or your account is not upgraded, and that is because contests are for established members of the forum.

Contest Rules:
You must have a min of 100 posts to enter our contest.
You must be an Established forum member.
(This means your account has been upgraded)

In order to win our contest:
You must be an active poster within 7 days of the contest drawing.
(If you win the contest, and you have not posted in 8 days, then you win nothing.)

If you expect to win our contests, then you will have to make a decision if you want to become an active part of our community, or just a ghost that just visits from time to time, and it would not really be fair for those that do participate on the forum to lose a contest to someone that does not participate, and rarely visits the forum but just a couple times per month, fair enough?

DG Contest updates:

Handshake Contest
(This is our first demo contest, and I would highly suggest that everyone enter the contest. It would be somewhat foolish to setup a live contest without doing some testing to see how everything is going to turn out. This contest will end Friday)

5,000 DG Coin Contest #1
Win 5,000 DG Coins

5,000 DG Coin Contest #2

Active Contests:

Closed Contests:

We all know that having, and running contests can boost website traffic, which can be good or bad. It is good when DG gets more traffic, however, it is bad, if that traffic is just coming here for the money, and nothing else, and that is not so good.

Digital Global Contest will also depend on how the marketplace is doing. When the contest starts, then it will be very low payout, which is to be expected since the marketplace is not live yet, however, once the marketplace goes live, and does well, then contest payouts will go higher, and if the marketplace does not perform, then payouts will not go higher.

If you want to see daily, weekly, and monthly cash contests, then be sure you start promoting DG on high quality sites, otherwise, contest cash payouts will not improve. If you do not succeed, then we do not succeed, if we do not succeed, then you dont succeed, and it would be in the best interest for everyone to promote DG on quality sites so we can all succeed....

What happens if I win DG Contest?
If you are the winner of our contest, then a thread will be created, and you will also receive a PM stating that you won the contest, and once we have verified that you have met the above guidelines, then the appropriate amount of DG Coins will be transferred to your forum account, and you will be able to cash them out on the next available pay period.

What if I am a newbie?
I have listed some resource links below. If you are new to DG and you are seeing this page for the first time, then it would be in your best interest to start reading some guidelines, and rules and start learning your way around the forum.℠-updates.63/℠-privacy-policy.44/℠-terms-of-service.45/

It is not as hard as it looks, however, if you want to do things right, then you should start going over everything there is to go over, and if anything does look outdated, then please contact me, and I will make any appropriate updates. Even though our forum looks like it has 10,000 rules and regulations, it really doesn't, however, my biggest complaints are as follows.

Write proper grammar and English
Add value to your posts.
(posts without value will offer nothing.)

So lets recap...

If you want to see more payouts....
If you want to see bigger payouts....
Then promote DG Marketplace.
Digital Global Affiliates
(coming soon)

Our success is your success!!!


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