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I am not exactly sure what the purpose of this site is about, however, it appears to be health related that appears to promote vitamin/supplements. As you enter this site, the very first few words you will see is "MLM" and for me, this is a red flag, even though, the vitamin market is doing well if you know how to promote your products. The home page is composed of one-page content with an email newsletter/subscription box that is located on the top/right side of There is a link that leads to another page called the Top 25 MLM Companies, however, I am still not quite sure what is all about, what are they selling? I have not found any obvious affiliate links, so what are they promoting other than offering content that is related to mlm / vitamin supplements. It is possible if you subscribe to digital health post's newsletter, then it is possible this is where all the action is, maybe the intention of is to collect emails so they can promote their products.
Digital Health Post also has a blog that appears to review related/similar websites in their niche, however, it is still not clear how the websites makes money. scam legit review
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I am not a fan of MLM. IN fact, I dislike MLM. IN order to make money from MLM you have to recruit a lot of members and sell the products. The products are so highly priced that no one is willing to buy these products. You also need to invest a lot of money in buying products that you don't know you will be able to sell or not.


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I have once been cheated by MLM program, therefore, I wll never again join MLM program even if it is a legit program. They say about 99 percent people who join MLM programs fail and only 1 percent actually make money from MLM.