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Sign up on DG Forum and earn 1000 DG Coins/Credits.

In order to claim your 1000 DG Coins, then you must have made 100 posts. We do this in order to prevent fraud, and if we had no rules in place, then people would do nothing more then create fake forum accounts in order to claim 1000 DG Coins. Once you have made 100 posts on the forum, then contact support, and your account will receive 1000 DG Coins which can be used as currency on the forum, and once you receive the required amount of credits, then you will be able to cash your credits out. If you are signing up in hopes to run your next scam, then no worries, we are confident that our forum members will be looking out for each other, and will no doubt rat scammers out as they pop up, and this is just to let scammers know that this is not going to be your safe haven for ripping people off, and will certainly not be tolerated. If we do not look out for one another, then who else will?

Here are some resource links you may find useful:

DG Forum Guidelines:
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Happy Posting!!!

ps. You will not be able to participate in the marketplace until you have made 100 posts, in fact, there are quite a few things you may not able to do on the forum until you reach 100 posts. Once you have made 100 posts, then your account will be automatically upgraded to the next level as an "established" member.

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