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[$CASH$] Earn CASH For Referrals!

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Get paid for referrals!

Terms & Conditions:

Forum Member must have a min of 100 posts before they can participate in our ca$h for referrals program. Your referral is required to have a minimum of 100 posts before you can lay claim to that $5.00 referral. This is not our first rodeo in these type of cash type programs and in order to kill off the fraudsters that are always looking to undermine the system in order to cheat. If you think the price is too high, then no worries, you do not have to participate in our cash for referral program. Our rules are fairly simple! don't cheat, no family members, no duplicate IPs; If we suspect cheating is going on, then we reserve the right to ban your account and/or access to our program. We also highly advise that you do not spam! No one likes spammers, and we would prefer not to receive any complaints that our affiliates are abusing the system. Roger that?

update: We have now merged DG Coins with referrals, what does this mean? This means once you qualify, then you will earn 5000 DG Coins per referral that meets our 100 post requirements; Once you receive DG Coins, then you may choose to cash out if you qualify to do so, and you only need 5000 DG coins in order to start the cash out process if you choose to do so. When you meet the requirements to convert your coins to cash, then visit the credits menu by clicking on this link:, then you see 4 options, Richest Users, Donate, Purchase, and Redeem, rather covering our rules again, then please visit Rewards: Earn DG Coins.

You may now use your member profile as your referral link:
(You will use your own member profile link)

This is what the referral link looks like:
(You will get your own referral link)

You can also redirect your link to a forum post:
(this post for example)

Your referrals can be found on this page:

Referral resource tools:

  • Min 100 posts in order to participate
  • Your referral is required to have 100 posts.
  • Contact us when you have met these requirements.
  • Get paid $5 per referral when requirements are met.
  • Payment via Paypal...
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