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[ NEW ] Legit or Scam?


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Let’s face the fact, that if you do not have a unique service, you are definitely going to have a hard time selling. That is why, for affiliate marketers, the opportunity to promote and push a brand-new and contemporary service is an absolute gold!

Why Promote Forex-Affiliates?
*Free and easy to join.
*High Commission from every sale.
*Customer Service and Marketing support.
*A unique URL assigned exclusively to you.
*Real-time Stats and Reporting.
*Commission paid via Bitcoin and Bank Wire after 30 trading days.

Our Plans start at $100 per CPA, and go all the way up to $1000 for a VIP Package.
Affiliate program commission structure:
For Trial Package - 100$.
For Easy start Package -200$.
For Moneymaker Package -300$.
For Gold Package - 500 $.
For VIP Package - 1000 $.

What does this mean?

The Smallest Commission you can possibly make is $100
and the highest commission can increase to $1000 !!!


- The affiliation is a matter for approval.
- We are using ShareASale Affiliation Platform to track all the sales.
- 60 Days of Tracking Cookies.

- Recruiting a limited number of affiliates (will work with the recruited affiliates for the long-term).
- Chances to earn some bonuses (depends on the performance).
- Custom Creatives assistance in promoting
- Personalized landing pages (only to the affiliates that can bring over $5000 per month).

Still got questions or need a reason to promote Forex-Affiliates?

Still not convinced?

Schedule a demo and I will be happy to walk you through our platform.


Use the link to register:
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Dear new Affiliates,

we are pleased to announce that our current partners are already leading the traffic and are receiving their payments. We invite you to join our affiliate program.
Join us right now,
and we will tell you all the details and answer all your questions!

It's time to earn!
It's time to combine our efforts for more profit!

We will be glad to see you among our partners!

Together we will earn much more than separately!

Sincerely, Admin

Affiliate program Forex Trading with trading platform RoFx
Become our partner and earn money in our affiliate program forex. We can pay up to $ 1000 for active leadership!


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I thought this was a review, however, it turns out that this is a promotion. I work in a bank which also deals with trading foreign currencies. Based on my knowledge and experience, you always don't make money from forex trading, you will also lose money. I am not sure how these forex trading website works.


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I have never done forex trading. When it involves money to make money, I usually stay away, I mean I don't like to invest money to make money, especially in the world wide web. I have been cheated by a couple of HYIP, therefore I avoid high risk programs


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I did worked and invested in forex but it wasn't a good experience but I am hungry to know more about it and will invest again if possible.