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[Announcement] Forum Marketplace Rules (Must Read)

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The DG Marketplace is used for buying/selling small tasks that are less than $100. If you have a job to post for forum members of our community, then this is where you should post them. If you are selling a product or service that costs $100 or more, then you would not be allowed to use this section, however, if you are selling a items less than $100, then your product or service maybe be perfect for this section since this forum is set up on a credit system so that you can conduct low-end transactions....

1: Each product/service/job that you list will cost 100 DG Coins. If you find yourself running low on DG Coins, then you may use PayPal so that you can fund your DG Coin account, or simply pick up the pace on posting quality content on the forum, and this will take longer if you are looking to acquire coins quickly.​
2: If you are paying members to complete a task, then don't be cheap; Higher offers may get more responses to your offer.​
3: All jobs must be approved by a moderator, no exceptions.​
Approved Listings:

Buy & Sell services
Digital freelance work
Social Media Likes ie: FB, IG, Twitter, etc...
Youtube (Subscribe)
small, legit tasks....

Not Approved Listings:

any immoral activities...
any illegal activities...
porn, hate, speech, race, etc...

Reasons for a ban:

If you purchase DG Coins, then you decide you want to do a chargeback, and this also applies to our standard marketplace. DG does not offer a refund policy on digital transactions, and if you do a chargeback, then you will be banned from the Forum and DG Marketplace.

If you wish to continue a discussion about our DG Coin system, then please post in the appropriate section of our forum. If you have questions concerning the DG Forum Marketplace, then you can post your questions in DG Questions category for community support.

Digital Global℠ is a 3rd party "Buyer Beware" platform. Digital Global cannot be held liable for your transactions if you should change your mind, or if you make a decision which turns out not to be in your favor; Buyers and Sellers are responsible for their own transactions.

DG Coins cannot be earned via making posts in any of our support threads....

Buying DG Coins from Digital Global℠ is used for the purpose of improving and enhancing our site....​
Be sure you leave honest feedback for buyers & sellers.​
This post does not necessarily over-ride our terms of service.
Yours Truly,
Digital Global℠
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