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We have run across several "get paid to post" forums, however, there is one particular forum that has 150k+ posts, and the owner of this forum thinks he/she has a successful forum, however, it is the lowest quality forum that we have ever run across to-date as his/her forum is filled with low-quality content from people in 3rd world countries that most likely cannot speak very good English, much less write content in coherent English. We have nothing against 3rd world countries as we try to stay out of politics as much as we can, however, this forum is English, and if you can not write in the English language, then we are afraid this forum will not be for you. Getting paid to post on forums never really pay that much to begin with, much less, thinking it will be a part-time or full-time job, it will not, however, we do pay DG Coins as a thank-you for posting on our forum, and DG Coins can be converted into cash; Think of this is a reward for being a forum contributor. How many forums do you know that even thank you for posting on their forums? Our rules are pretty simple! We want to ensure, and maintain the quality nature of this forum, and if members go around creating posts that can barely be read by a human, then what kind of quality would this forum really have? The next thing we want to bring to your attention is value, if you do not know a subject that good, then do not create a post thinking it may provide value when it will not; This is how rumor mills start, and why people are simply afraid because they believed the last post they read as if it came straight from the bible as gods word, and you find alot of misleading information surrounding SEO, on any given day, I can read a post from someone that has never done a lick of SEO in their life, and they go around posting as if they are some kind of SEO expert.

If we do run across that one poster that may stand above the rest, then we reserve the right to make a contract offer to that poster, however, if you have come to this forum in order to create non-sense posts that offer no real value, then you are simply wasting your time as all new members much reach 100 posts before their trial period has been completed, and if members have managed to make it this far, then we would have to congratulate them for their endurance, and the pride they take when posting on our forum that shows a certain level of quality above that of other forum owners that just care about post count rather than the over all quality of the posts they are getting from their forum members.

Yours Truly,
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