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[ LEGIT ] Get Paid To Program Guidelines

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If you have run across any type of Get Paid To Program, then please post your Legit or Scam reviews. We all know that legit compaines do not nearly get enough of the good publicy that they deserve, however, when it comes to getting ripped off or scammed by another site, then that should just piss you off, and they seem to get more publicity, and sometimes you wish you saw a review before you made that purchase, then you realized you scammed by your get paid to program, however, if you have had a good experence with get paid to programs, then our members would love to hear what you have to say, and this will help our members make better decisions before buying. I sure wish I was informed of my last scam; How about you?

Post Title: Before creating your post, then consider the following post title examples. Post titles are very important when it comes to indexing, and this will certainly put that bad or good business in the spotlight. Please use the appropriate title prefix: Legit, Ripoff, or Scam. Please leave your emotions on the table; We are only looking for facts. We are sorry that your pride has been hurt, however, a lot of people have been in your shoes.

When writing your review good or bad, then please go into detail, why was it good, why was it bad, how I got scammed, how I got ripped off. If you give other forum members the background, then that should be more then enough information so that our members can make an informed decision.

Please Share Your GPT Experiences...

Business or Company name + Legit
Business or Company name + Ripoff
Business or company name + Scam

Business website/url + Legit
Business website/url + Ripoff
Business website/url + Scam

If you would like to see different GPT program categories, then please visit our suggestion area and let us know.

Business Reviews
Business Scams

Legit > Implies you know that the business is Legit
Ripoff > Implies that you have been ripped off by the business/site.
Scam > Implies that you know for a fact the business is a scam.
New > Im not sure either way, however, here is my review.

If you need a status changed, then please make your request in DG Suggestions, and let us know why you are requesting a status change, it could be that you started out with "new" then later, you found out that the business was, in fact, legit or a complete scam. Lets keep our members up-to-date.

Warning: Member Reviews do come with their own associated risks, and you should take "Legit" reviews with a grain of salt, why? Just because a member declares a site to be "legit" does not make it true, and it would make sense that some members have self-interest reasons by declaring their own site "Legit" and safe to visit, then come to find out it may be a scam site; Before doing business with such a site, then do more research, and ask for more proof that they are who they say they are. If you run across a "Legit" site, and you know for a fact that the site is scamming others, then please do step up, and report the thread, as we can not take action until our members play a more active role in reporting such threads, and ultimately, and you are responsible for making due diligence decisions, and if you do not follow our advice, then you may end up getting ripped off, and it was not by Digital Global, but someone else.

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