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Have Zero Time? Here's How to Keep Blogging


DG Staff
When you have a blog for your business, it can be an excellent tool for drawing in new clients. But what happens when you are so busy you have no time to blog? If you are too busy to write quality content for your blog, then maybe you can outsource someone to do this for you, however, this is something you really need to do yourself.

Here are some tips that will keep you blogging.

Avoid Distractions

You need to avoid all the distractions that you can while you are working on a blog post. This will allow you to give your full attention to whatever you happen to be writing. You also want to make sure that you are not distracting yourself by wanting to check different websites while you are supposed to be working on your blog. If blogging is your business, then you are not helping yourself or your business if you go on a surfing spree that has nothing to do with your blog.

Just Keep Going

When you are working on a blog post just keep writing. Do not worry about checking spelling and grammar until you have finished. The stopping and the starting can be very frustrating and cost you a great deal of time that you may not have to waste, and putting your blog off by not writing will not do anything for your future.

Write Posts in Batches

If you are feeling really creative, you can write some posts in batches that way you will have a group of blog posts that you can choose from when it comes time to post something. This can really end up saving you a great deal of time and do not feel that you need to post everything at once, however, you do want to post often enough so that Google will visit your site often, and the only way Google will do this if you post content on regular intervals, and this could be daily, weekly, or monthly posting.

Every Post Doesn't Have to Be Your Best

Now while it is important to write good content for your blog, it is not necessary for each blog post to be epic. Feeling like every blog post you make has to be perfect can be extremely discouraging so you just need to do what you can to create a great blog post.

While you might think that it is impossible to write a blog if you have no time. It is however very possible if you have a plan in place to make time for your blog.
Well stated sometimes writing them ahead of time might be of great help.Things do come up and take our time away but if we had written some topics previously it will easier, all one need do is to edit and format the article and then upload it on the blog and also accepting guest writers would definitely help.They will help write in article for the blog.


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I do not have my own blog and I have no intentions of launching my own blog. However, I write on a writing site and publish 2 articles every month. I also have a plan to launch an ecommerce site and I will have a blog section on this site. On the writing site where I contribute, I am paid upfront for every article I publish, therefore, I like to publish more, however, owning to my hectic schedule I have not been able to publish more.


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Just to keep going is my way to keep looking at things and 70 % of times it works and that's why I like to keep going and working hard even if we are scammed online.

I haven't started blogging till now but I may start very soon, thanks.


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I have a regular job, yet I work online in my spare time and make extra income. I had been working online since 2015, however, a year ago, I decided to launch my own blog and make residual income from my blog. After the hard work for many months, my blog has finally started to generate some revenue. I have published 27 articles.


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I think it depends on many things like our targets and determination and how we look at our targets. If we look at our targets as missions than we can achieve that with hard work and determination.