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How can I help this forum/community grow?

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How can I help this forum/community grow organically?

It is so simple that this will just blow your mind.

  • Sign up!
  • Contribute value to our forum/community
  • Be proactive, not anti-active
  • Be positive, not anti-positive
  • Be helpful, rather then non-helpful
  • Make suggestions, provide insight into the future.

The very first step toward running a quality forum is posting your content/posts in the correct areas of the forum. Google does not see any value in posts such as thanking a forum member, as this serves only gratitude to the receiving party, and if that is the case, then thank that person via private conversation.

Titles are very important, the is what google see first before going down into the content, so if your title is not relevant to that category, then that is the first bad signal we can send google when It comes to good on-page SEO practices. For instance, let's say your topic is something like "What is the next Barbie doll going to be?" and what does this conversation or topic have to do with a freelance marketplace or discussion? What value does that topic bring to our forum? It does not bring any value, In fact, creating irrelevant content for our freelance niche would only serve to bring the wrong type of traffic to our site, and this will also increase our bounce rate which can have a negative effect on SEO as a whole, however, we are not without understanding, and thus the very reason we have created some off topic categories, so if you get in the mood to talk about your day rather then relevant freelance topics, then feel free to go to this section on our forum and have this discussion.

Keywords are very important. having the right keywords in your content is very important if we want our forum to rank in google, and acquire organic traffic, so lets assume for a moment that you create a post in the "Lounge" and your discussion is something like "what a beautiful day, the sun is out, the grass is green, and the snakes all over my ankles" This specfic post does not bring any value to our forum in terms of keyword ranking, unless this forum was lawn care related, then that particular post may have been helpful in some degree, however, talking about the weather, grass, snakes would not be very valuable to a freelance forum. Keep our forum quality high, and stay on topic!

When creating posts, then keep keywords in mind, over time, freelance related keywords will help rank our site better in google. If you have access to Keyword tools, then feel free to add keywords that would help this site rank higher in google; There may be some freelance related keywords that may be easier to rank for them others, however, if we want to go after the super quality traffic, then we will have to step it up in the future by targetting specific keywords that will make a difference, as some keywords will be easier to rank then other keywords which can be more difficult.

When adding keywords to your content, please do not be overdramatic, if your discussion is about "Affiliate Marketing" then use related keywords for that subject, as this will help Google in their decision on what this forum is about, as it is very important for topics to stay on track. It would not be relevant to talk about cats and dogs if you are carrying a discussion in the "B2B Marketing" section of this forum. When Google is confused, then the end results will not be very good for the overall health of our forum, as our goal is to bring in high-quality traffic that would be related to "freelancing" or "freelance marketing" or "freelance promotions" and so on. You also do not want to over-saturate your content with repetitive keywords, even more so, if there is not a lot of content, in this case, using 1-2 different keywords would be fine.

Authority links - When creating content, do your best to link to authority sites, google does not like sites that horde links, and never link to other sites, by linking to authroity sites that are related to your content, then this shows google that we are willing to link out to other sites that have higher authroity then we do; according to google guidelines, this is not a bad thing, however, linking to bad sites that provide no value to our visitors will not only be bad, it may very well cause harm to our site, so link to authority sites that can provide value in the eyes of google, and this will also benefit our forum visitors, sorry, we will remove links in content that appear to be self-serving in nature.

On-page SEO - Everything above is leading up to what every site should be doing, and this is called on-page SEO! Using good SEO practices will help improve the overall SEO health of our site, and we are not saying this because we are blowing smoke; We are not SEO experts, however, you do not need to be an SEO expert in order to carry out simple tasks that will help our site rank better in google. When you use on-page SEO in the correct manner in each post, then you can easily spread link juice from one page to the next, and as a result, this will improve search engine ranking across multiple pages, rather than just one post getting ranked, and others not so much. This is why we stress that posts should be relevant to their repective categories, add appropriate keywords, link back to authority sites, and least but not least, link to other posts across this site, and if you have done everything correctly, then google will love our site so much, and it will not be hard to rank.

If you want to add keywords to this on-going list, then that would be fine, as I will keep this thread open.

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You can also get more specific on keywords:

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Yours Truly,
Digital Global℠
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