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How does SEO & Trustflow work?

How does SEO and Trust flow work in relation to DG?

I am not by means any SEO Guru, and you do not have to be, as long as you know the basics of SEO, then it is easy to understand what Google is looking for when it comes time for to start ranking your site in google. Since DG is not in full operation, then there has been no reason to partake in any significant amount of SEO at this time.

Let's take DG Forum, for instance, the forum currently has 400+ posts at this time, and that is enough content to start any type of SEO campaign, however, what is the forum selling? How is the forum going to earn ROI as a result of expensive long-term SEO? If the forum has no ROI, then why would we start long-term SEO for our forum? Right now, we have no zero SEO in play, and if anyone signs up to the forum, then it would be as a result of organic traffic, and this means that our forum posts maybe ranking enough in search engines, and therefore as a result, we would get traffic from Google, however, getting traffic to signup to a forum that does not look attractive at the moment also play into ranking, why? Because if that traffic comes from Google, then they leave, then this will cause a high bounce rate, and this will contribute to giving the site a lower ranking in google, and why would we invest in SEO on a forum that does not look attractive with current ROI at this time, right?

Trust Flow has nothing to do with Google ranking, period! It cant be any easier to explain then that, trust flow is not a Google algorithm or factor, why? Because Trust flow has nothing to do with Google, why do I need to repeat myself, ROFL? Then where does trust flow come from? Trust Flow is a metric created by Moz, period. Moz has their own algorithm that they developed, why? Because is trying to predict what stats your site should have, and it is only a wild guess! When Google stopped releasing updates on PageRank, they did not replace this with any other model to keep webmasters informed so they could figure out how to cheat google in search results, after Google discontinued page rank, then Moz came out with their own SEO algorithm in order to help webmasters, and Moz trust flow factor may not be very accurate on sites that have low trust flow, however, Moz accuracy seems to get better on sites that appear to have high authority.

According to Moz trust flow factor, Digital Global Forum has TF25 and CF25, is this accurate? Only Google knows if these metrics are accurate or not! Let assume for a moment that the trust flow metrics are accurate, and if they are, then what does this mean for Digital Global Forum? It would imply that TF25 and CF25 is a good start, and better than starting from TF0 and CF0, but what does this mean? It means the more trust your site has, then Google will trust your site! Domain Authority does not mean as much anymore since Google is leaning toward trust of a site, not so much their authority, as it is very easy to gain authority for your site, however, it is not that easy for your site to gain trust, and this is the signal we are working on, and this means? It means Google trusts our site because we are becoming an authority really quickly, and you do not see spam all over our site, and it is important also that your posts are written in plain English so that everyone may understand what you are saying; Why would google trust our site if our forum members continue to write broken English? No one likes reading broken English, and why would Google be different?

Keep in mind that trust flow has nothing to do with SEO or vice versa, now let's take for example, they have TF 24 and CF 42 and because of the difference between TF/CF, this would simply imply they are getting low-quality backlinks to their site, and why does this matter? according to google it does, because Google wants you to focus on getting high-quality backlinks, not low-quality backlinks, if you focus on getting bad backlinks for your site, then you kill your SEO efforts, and the big difference between and is the fact that they have been around longer, overall, DG Forum has high-quality backlinks.

IMO, our TF/CF on our home page is TF: 17 and CF: 30, and this is no so good, why is that? Because right now, we are more focused on DG Forum, and this is where we have applied what little SEO we have done on the site, and when the main site goes up, then we will focus more of our SEO efforts on the home page, and it will not just be our SEO efforts, it will be all the natural backlinks we will pick up over time from other quality sites that will want to link back to Digital Global boosting our SERPS in google and other search engines.

Just remember, moz has nothing to do with Google, and Google has nothing to do with Moz, they are not related to each other, and you never know, if Moz was to sell out to Google, then I would expect nothing less from Google as I strongly feel that Google would immediately discontinue the TF/CF metrics that Moz provides.
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Well, google works with complex algorithms right, so it has to be hard to keep up with those! I remember studying crawlers and meta-crawlers and those hard concepts, but it does pay-off if it brings more visitors to the site. I also recall google is king, but there are also other search engines that cannot be neglected. I'd say keeping the site clean and with quality content is an excellent first step for good SEO.
Well, google works with complex algorithms right, so it has to be hard to keep up with those! I remember studying crawlers and meta-crawlers and those hard concepts, but it does pay-off if it brings more visitors to the site. I also recall google is king, but there are also other search engines that cannot be neglected. I'd say keeping the site clean and with quality content is an excellent first step for good SEO.
Yes, I would imagine that Google's algorithm would be complex, and a lot of times webmasters may even overcomplicate the process, and you are right, create quality content that Google may want to see, however, content that is written badly or poorly cannot be considered high quality, not only that, visitors do not want to read content that they may not understand, and content should be easy to read, and certainly, google is the kind of search, and there are no doubt other search engines out there, but if you ever run a site, then you will find that most of that traffic comes from orangic traffic from google, and other search engines only make up a very small portion of traffic (combined) You may not get as much traffic from other search engines as you think, however, I suppose that every little of traffic will help to some degree, but I expect most of the traffic will simply come from google, so if your site gets deindexed in google, then it is very likely other search engines will deindex your site also.

Just keep on doing what you are doing, write good English, and stay on topic at hand, and one day, Google will start sending more and more traffic our way. It reminds me of a case study that DG did last year when he was monitoring certain sites, and one of those sites said it took nearly a year to get the traffic he was getting, and it was because of the google sandbox, then he said something like "it came like a storm." and what he meant by that was that the site was not getting much traffic for the first year, then all of a sudden, he was getting traffic coming through like a fast and fearious storm, and that is how google works, as google does not allow new sites to move forward quickly, then one day it will start raining traffic, and things will start picking up, and this is where quality content came into play, if that site has not been posting quality content, then google would have never opened the door so the traffic could start flooding to the site, and it is just a matter of time, and time does play a big role among other things such as quality content, quality site design, quality backlinks, and google does have more than 200 factors in their algorithm.

You know what the trick is? The trick is very simple, don't try to trick Google in any way, as Google simply does not fall for those lame SEO tricks anymore, and it is not difficult to make Google happy, just give Google what they want, and that is what we are doing right now.