How Fast Is Your Internet Speed?

I'm from the Philippines and my current speed for Wifi and Data via SPEEDTEST by Ookla are:

PLDT Broadband WiFi
Download: 22.3 Mbps
Upload: 33.7 Mbps

Globe Telecom Data
Download: 5.1 Mbps
Upload: 0.8

Test done 3:35 pm
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The image does not really say a lot, and also says I use HughesNet, which is somewhat confusing, as I use DishNet, I guess DishNet gets their data plans through HughesNet, and if this is the case, no wonder I have problems, maybe I should cut out the middleman, and use HughesNet.


I miss living in the city where I would have access to cable which I had unlimited data and TV for around $100 month, however, when you have zero internet options out in the country, then you are forced to go with some type of barbaric dish internet service, and once you have reached your data limited, then they throttle your internet speed down to nothing, and watching youtube videos is down right pointless as the speed is so slow that the video continues to get interruptions, and it is not worth trying to watching any kind of videos when I am online.
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