How to write a quality forum post.


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What, and how much you write and have dramatic affect on our forum results that appear in google. You need to ask yourself why you are a member of this forum! Are you here to spam? Are you here to offer little to no value to our other members, if so, then we would prefer you find another forum, however, if you are here to enrich the lives of others with your in-depth knowledge of your niche, then you have come to the right place. Our members thirst for knowledge, and want as much as you can provide. It all starts with our forum members....


Create your thread title....
a good thread title is where the process starts. If your title starts with "hi" then this information is too vague, and offers no value from googles standpoint of providing quality content, however, if your title reads something like: "Best Lawyer In Chicago" then this would provide more value rather then starting off with your title being empty, and vague, which kills the value that google is looking for....

Create content that offers value...
When posting content that says "good job", this does not offer value for our members, and google will see the same. Google may also decide to not index certain pages if google feels that there is not enough content, and webmasters call this "thin content" If google feels that the content will not offer any value to surfers, then those pages will clearly not get indexed, and if they do, then will never get a good rank in google....

Stay on topic:
staying on topic is also important, If pages are relevant, on topic, then they will receive a higher ranking.


Create useless, spammy titles, they will be deleted, along with your post.
Create content that does not provide value to our readers/visitors.
Create posts useless content that offers little to no value.
go off-topic thus changing the environment/atmosphere of our forum.

If you have any questions, then please ask them in DG Questions section of our forum. If your category does not exist, and you have a good relevant category idea that would fit into this forums niche, then you may recommend new categories in DG Suggestions....

You may also add your own feedback in this thread to help educate our forum members.

ps Want to improve/increase your writing skills? download this google chrome addon called Grammarly.

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