It is nearly impossible to get rich in 2018


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It can be difficult to succeed in 2018

I read this statement on another forum, and thought to myself, it is difficult, however, it is not impossible, and time-consuming process. This person also has the wrong mindset that you can just set up a site in 2018, then Google will just take you on to easy street just as easily as opening a door on your car. The creator that made the post simply has the wrong mindset, and I am not sure who made the promise the promise that you would get rich just because you set up a website in 2018. If you have found the right niche, and have the passion for long-term success, then you may just have a shot, and the keyword is LONG TERM, sorry to say, nothing in life is free, and Google does not give away for free either, not like they used too; Today, you have to earn that success, and it may not be cheap either. Dont give up!!!

Anyone can set up any type of site...
however, going from zero to hero is completely something else...

  • 1: You need a brand that will endure time, and resonate with your audience.
  • 2: You need an awesome looking design, better than that of your competitors.
  • 3: You need content that will rock the core of your audience.
  • 4: Before all that, what can you offer, so that visitors want to take part?
  • 5: You need $1000+ Guest Posts that will leave your competitors in the dust.

The op of the other post was refering to adsense; He thought if you just joined google adsense, and put up a site, then he would just rank and bank without any worth while work on his site in order to improve several factors, such as having quality content, quality backlinks, and so forth, and by looking at his desperation, then I can safely say that he most likely did not have anything to bring to the table as those factors as concerned; These days, it can be very difficult to get into google adsense, and it is not the same easy platforum that it started off with in past years, as adsense has become very strick on their quality content guidelines, and if you are looking to start a buinsess of any short, then any platform you have that you do not control is not really a business; in away, you are helping the other party succeed, not yourself.