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#1 is a Survey website which is primarily for members from the USA and they can earn $25 per survey.

Those outside the USA can earn from it with the help of referrals and they can earn $25 per survey which is completed by their referrals but this website is different from other survey websites As this specific Research Study is targeted to those that have purchased their health insurance directly through a health plan or through their state’s Exchange.

In order to produce valid research data, every survey submitted is carefully and thoughtfully qualified by our team of experts. Also, the person taking the survey should complete the following requirements.

  • Should have purchased a health insurance plan, and is active for 2017.
  • Purchased health insurance plan through the state exchange,, through a broker, or directly through a health plan like Oscar, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Shield, etc.
  • Don’t receive your health insurance through an employer.
  • Don’t receive your health insurance through your school or university.
  • Not on your state’s Medicaid program, Medicare, or VA health insurance.
Minimum to get paid is $25 and We can get paid with paid via Paypal, Amazon Gift Card.

You can refer the below link to know more about it.