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I have recently run across a site called We do not participate or use these type of sites, but we know others do use them, and some are scams, and others are trustworthy. DG said he used to have a site called a few years ago, and said he had traffic on the site before the site was put up, but he never really got into Bux or PTC sites and gave up on the project a few years ago, and even way back then, PTC sites were not really known for being legit, and somewhat low payouts. I have found one review on that said he/she got paid, however, I have also run across other posts from members saying they had problems getting paid, so I am not able to conclude that this site is Legit or a Scam at the time of this post; If you have more facts concerning, then please add to the conversations; LazyBux appears to have a youtube video for your viewing pleasure.

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