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Just received word from @DigitalGlobal that he/she is considering Arrow Chat.

Arrow Chat is not a requirement function for our marketplace to function properly, however, we consider having this live chat option as adding a positive feature to our brand so that we can attract more visitors to our site that just want to carry on a conversation over their android device.

Just to be clear, visitors may not conduct any type of business if we should choose to setup live chat. If visitors are caught attempting to conduct business/transactions, then you will be banned from live chat, and your marketplace account will be revoked as well. If you want to conduct business, then it needs to be done on the marketplace for obvious reasons. You will have no privacy, as we can easily monitor chat conversations. We also reserve the right to ban live chat visitors for any reason, without cause, or without notice. If you are interested seeing live rooms on Digital Global℠, then please cast your vote, final decision is not up to me, however, I vote yes....

more rules:

  • no adult chat...
  • no immoral chat...
  • no business chat...
  • no illegal activity chat...
  • no solicitations
If you run across members that violate our terms, then please use the report option. If you attempt to get into bed with them, then you will end up getting banned from the marketplace, the forum, and chat itself, and in the end; you will not get the payoff you were hoping for.

DG Desktop:
(admin-visitor communication only)

DG Web:
(see chat rooms below)

DG Mobile:

If you want to participate in live chat, then you must register as a DG Forum Member, otherwise, you will appear as a guest, and you will only be able to communicate with the DGStaff team. We want everyone to enjoy our forum, and our live chat, so please follow the rules...

update: It has been decided that Arrow chat will in-deed benefit Digital Global℠ as this chat can be used in a couple ways such as one on one support, and supports xenforo also (this forum) not to mention, marketplace members can chat as a community, however, having chat does have some draw backs such as "content" for Digital Global℠ it would obviously be better to post content on the forum, however, we would like to keep our options open for a bit and see if arrow chat will help us, or actually hinder the growth of the forum, and if that turns out to be the case, then we may have to disable group chat, so contribute in chat, and post on the forum in order to keep Digital Global℠ Forum alive.

If you care to discuss DG Chat, then please go to that section of the forum.

We make our brand look cool....


Yours Truly,
Digital Global℠
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