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It appears that this scam site no longer exits, but that does not mean there are not similar scam sites out there. This scam goes like this; We pay you to read the news, ROFL, only if that were true, then I guess I would never stop reading the news, however, it is not true, this type of scam is somewhat related to a PTC site? How is a site going to paying you a lot of money reading the news? claims that you can make money by reading the news, however, their min payout is $2700, what? Thats right, they are waiting for suckers to signup for their site, and by the time they have collected enough data on you, along with any bank info, then it is too late, so if you signup to any site that claims super high payouts, and super high min payment, then this is just a red flag to string you along as long as it takes to get your data, and once you give enough data to these sites, then they may have enough information to draw your bank account, including your paypal account, watch the video for more info. It is up to you to keep yourself safe, no one will do it for you.