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If you are looking to start a freelancing career, then you will probably be wondering where you can find jobs. The great news is that there are a lot of websites out there when you as a freelancer can find work. Here are a few of the most popular online freelancing marketplaces on the internet; don't give up, and keep pushing forward.


Fiverr is an enormously popular website where freelancers can post gigs offering their services, and you can offer anything from arts and crafts to online tutoring to writing of all kinds. The best part of using Fiverr is the freelancers can set their own rates for gigs that they post.


UpWork is a hugely popular freelance marketplace. This website came from the combining of and You are going to be able to find all types of freelance jobs here are there are two types of jobs, hourly and fixed price. UpWork is a great site for freelancers for all skill sets.


Freelancer is a great platform for freelancers. You can find anything from simple data entry to higher level programming jobs. Here again, you will be bidding on two types of jobs, fixed price and hourly. It is extremely simple to sign up here and start looking for work, and if are not using them, then maybe you should give freelancer a shot.


Here is another popular website for freelancers that focuses a lot on web projects. When you sign up for this website, you set your hourly rate and clients will hire you to pay your set rate. This website is definitely worth your time to check out if you are looking for freelance work, so what are you waiting for, visit PPH today to get started.

These are just a few of the great online freelancing websites. They are a great way for freelancers of all types to find work. You can try your luck at one or more of these sites when you are looking to advance your freelancing career, however, if you never start your freelance business, then you will just be sitting on the sidelines.


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I'm looking forward to trying out one or even more of your suggestions once I get everything ready @DGStaff. I here there is a lot of great freelance websites to choose from and here are some that I could find.

1. Aquent

This one is available for everyone, it doesn't matter where you come from. It is open to all creative professionals and before you even start you can decide to take courses that offer training in different skills (that is if you want to). So what they do is give help to freelancers who are looking for contracts and you can do this by searching using keywords and a location or just browse all of the current job openings in your area.

2.Peer Hustle

This website uses geolocation so you can find jobs that are posted by local companies. There is an option of working in person or doing it remotely, so this is a plus for me.
Before you begin work you have to first communicate with your client so that he/she can fund the escrow account. This money can only be released to the freelancer once the client is satisfied with the work.


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Upwork has changed a lot over the years. Now a days upwork has some tests and also it checks every freelancer manually for the verification. And this has reduced the amount of people logged into the upwork. Now a days very few people get passed through their system. And overall competition is a bit tough to work over there. New users would definitely struggle from what I have seen so far.
i just came across one called just5k which one can get all form of jobs there.From writing doing SEO offers,being a shopper to even bidding offers on skills like sewing and carpentry jobs.It is a site that one can get all kind of offers.This shows it a site for everyone whether literate or not


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I have made some money on upwork but not on others. Among the sites mentioned above, I did not like people per hour. This site want you to deposit some money when you are applying. Why should I deposit money before I make money on the site?
Fiverr is a very popular platform that I have tried but yet to have a job from there but it really working out for some people I really like the fact that it is open to all countries and the deduction fees is same for everyone. Anyone with a good skill can work on fiverr.


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I have not tried any of these, however, I have heard about these freelancer sites in fact I have even checked some of these. In my opinion, among the sites mentioned above, you need to be careful about people per hour. Even when you are working as a freelancer, you are asked to make deposit when you are bidding on jobs.