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Present Rules for Test Cricket


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Cricket is a game which is played in three major different formats:

1. Test Cricket
2. One Day International Cricket
3. T20 Cricket

In this thread, I will try to cover the details about the Test Cricket.
History of test cricket goes back to the 16th Century and it has seen many changes but I will discuss only the present rules because If I start sharing about the old and new rules then I need to write an Article for that.:LOL::LOL:

In a test match total of 4 Innings are played means both teams need to bat and bowl twice and its played for 5 days and 90 overs are played in a day wherein each over has 6 Deliveries which means the bowler needs to bowl six legal times in an over.

After 2 hours players leave the field for Lunch and this break is of 45 minutes and there will be a Tea break after 2 hours and 30 minutes of play resumption after lunch which is of 15 mins.

The team which scores more runs will be declared the winner and in case another team is unable to bowl out the other team in a total of 5 days than this match will be declared as a draw match which means both teams are at par and no one took advantage.

Thanks for reading. You can ask me anything you like to know about this. (y)