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We had to give this some serious thought it best to disable private conversations. This is not our first merino-round, as we know sooner or later, members will start taking their marketplace listings into private conversions thus doing backdoor deals in order to avoid paying their listing fee, and this will just cause problems as we can not dedicate staffers into monitoring private conversation in order to make sure buyers, sellers, and forum members are following our rules. We tried to track down plugins that could resolve this task as it would make monitoring private conversations an easy task, however, these add-ons are out of date for the forum version we are using at this time....

We are always open to ideas, however, until we find a resolution, then private conversations will be disabled, our forum is not mandatory on the operation of the marketplace, as we have setup this forum out of convenience for others to visit and enjoy our forum, and private messages does not offer any SEO benefits; We certainly do not like cutting off factors of our forum; We have yet to find a solution....

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This was just a warning; private conversations have not been disabled, however, if any forum/marketplace member is caught doing back-door deals using our PM system, then both parties will be banned. Did someone make an offer, and you did not report this action? You maybe banned for not reporting the most serious violation on this forum. it is in your best interest to report this behavior IMMEDIATELY!!!

Digital Global℠ reserves the right to monitor private conversations with, or without your consent, with or without notice, without any cause, or reason. We do not care about who is sleeping with who, and we will never compromise your privacy; It never fails! It is not if it will happen, it is just a matter of when it will happen as scammers looking to make a quick buck will take their shady into a dark room. We also ask our members never to give out their private information, such as check account numbers, credit card numbers, etc. It will be a bad deal for sure. If you have managed to create 100 quality posts without getting the boot, then good job, as PMs will be enabled after 100 posts....
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